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Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

There is a multitude of kids birthday party themes out there these days. So many choices, so few parties! The best way to pick a theme is to tailor your party to the child it celebrates. Each child is different, with their own likes and interests. PartyCheap is here to help you create the perfect party for your little guy or girl!

Some of the most popular kids birthday party theme ideas follow popular childrens’ movies. For example, Disney’s Frozen is wildly popular at the moment, and while it isn’t snowing outside yet, you can still recreate that frosty feeling in your party. Frozen birthday party theme ideas allow you to be creative while still keeping to the imagery of the movie. Create a winter scene in the middle of summer with our
Winter Sky Backdrop. Use the search feature at the top of our webpage to find even more Frozen decorations! Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon is also an extremely popular theme at the moment! Search “dragon” to find a wealth of How to Train Your Dragon decorations and Cars Decorating Kitother dragon items to fully decorate your party. Disney’s Cars birthday theme ideas have also been very well-liked over recent years. Search “Cars” to find even more options, like our Cars Decorating Kit. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme ideas are also gaining increasing popularity due to the recent movie release. You can find all the great party supplies you need for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party here! The Spiderman birthday party theme and the Despicable Me theme would also be great party ideas for kids. Whatever your child’s favorite movie may be, you’re sure to find what you need to decorate their birthday party in that theme here at PartyCheap.

Some other party options cater more to a child’s interests than to a specific movie. The jungle birthday party theme is a classic and can be adjusted to suit a child’s interest in animals or tied to movies as well. Check out all of our
Jungle Theme Party Supplies to find exactly what you need to transform your home or party space into a wild jungle! Another classic theme is the circus birthday party theme. Your child and his or her guests will love the carnival games and circus entertainment of this theme. Circus Party Supplies will make great decorations for your party.

You could also decorate your party in the theme of one of your child’s favorite activities. A sports birthday party theme would be wonderful for any child who enjoys sports or enjoys one sport in particular. For example, if your child enjoys baseball, use such decorations as our
Baseball Mylar Balloon to decorate for his or her party. Play a game in the backyard as a fun party activity!

If your child likes a particular type of story, like enchanting fairy tales or swashbuckling pirate stories, let them feel as if they really are a princess or a pirate for the day! Fun activities for pirate birthday party theme ideas would be to have the kids follow a treasure map to buried Baseball Mylar Balloon gold. At least if not buried treasure, then cake! You could use a similar idea for a princess birthday party and have your little knights and ladies embark on a quest. Our
Pirate and Princess party supplies are sure to transform your space into a deserted island full of hidden treasure or an enchanted forest!

Whatever theme you choose for your child’s party, you’re sure to find everything you need here at PartyCheap to give them the best party ever! We can cater to most any interest your child may have. Browse the full website to find ideas for their favorite movie, activity, or story!