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Kid-Friendly Cost-Efficient Halloween Decorating Ideas

Cheap Halloween Backdrops and Room Decorations

Halloween is a holiday for which cheap decorating is an absolute must. Whether youíre preparing your home for trick-or-treaters or for a party, decorating will help get you into the spirit of the day. Your silly and cute kid-friendly decorations do not need to break the bank. PartyCheap has many items that could be used for cheap Halloween decorating ideas and for DIYs to help reduce cost.

Door DIY

The first thing your guests will see is your front door so you need to wow them! With the help of a little tape or sticky putty, PartyCheapís Solid Color Tablecovers can become the foundation on which to build your Halloween door. We recommend making a monster face (see our inspiration here)! Grab two white paper plates, a big black marker and a pennant banner in the color of your choice. Draw a crazy eye on each plate and cut the pennant banner in half. Tape the plates and a banner to your door. You can use PartyCheapís Crepe Streamers and pieces of felt or construction paper to complete your monsterís face to greet trick-or-treaters! This design will show your festive side without scaring your little ones. You even get two-for-one by cutting the pennant banner in half!

Hallway Decorations

What to do with a hallway? Thereís not much room to step back and look at decorations on walls, so I guess we will have to use the ceiling. Continue to use those crepe streamers to hang cutouts, balloons, and whirls from the ceiling. Hang them low enough so that the little ghosts and ghouls have to smack them out of the way to move from room to room. They will love the interaction!
Felt Ghosts

Room DIYs

Our tablecovers, as well as large plastic trash bags cut and opened, make great coverings to inexpensively change the look of large expanses of wall. Hang your decorations of choice, such as our Jointed Skeleton cutout or Felt Ghosts. If you want a more defined theme, try one of our backgrounds like the Graveyard Backdrop shown above.

Games are an easy way to decorate your rooms and keep your kids busy. Try making a garbage bag spider web and pair it with our Spider Party Tape. Cut out individual spiders and give one to each guest. All you need is a blindfold and some double-sided tape and you have a rousing game of pin the spider on the web.

Nylon Witch HatMake ring toss out of witches' hats and glow necklaces; a large game of memory using various Halloween cutouts and construction paper; even Halloween bowling using empty paper towel rolls (decorated as you like) and Jack-o-lantern paper lanterns. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

Donít forget about your windows. PartyCheapís Spooky Cloth over a window will give your space that eerie, spectral feel. The kitchen canít be left out either. The Haunted House Tablecover Jack-O-Lantern Paper Lanternis a quick and cheap way to decorate your table for a party or just for the Halloween season! Complete your food service with any of our tableware sets that include cups, plates, napkins, straws, and even orange cutlery.

Be Resourceful!

Cutting cost can come in the form of reusing decorations or simple items you can find at home. If you used cutouts as wall decorations last year, put them in the window for creepy silhouettes this year! Still have that old cotton spider web; itís probably in knots now. Put an electric tea light in a mason jar, cover with the web and add a plastic spider; you instantly have mood lighting for your party and you didnít even have to untangle the web. Empty toilet paper rolls? You should throw those out Ė FALSE! Cut two eyes of various shapes into each roll and add a glow stick inside the roll. Hide the rolls in dark corners and in your bushes. When it gets dark, crack the glow sticks and youíll have watchful eyes all over the party. This decoration will make TP stand for Talk of the Party.

Whether youíre going for a family-friendly Halloween decorating the house or the classroom, PartyCheap has the supplies and the creativity to help you have a well-adorned, low-cost party that everyone is sure to remember. You can use a mixture of do-it-yourself projects as well as PartyCheapís inexpensive line of Halloween decorations.