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Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

On the first Saturday in May, racing enthusiasts are glued to their television to watch the Kentucky Derby, also known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Run for the Roses.” Many households across the country host a derby day party, but many find themselves searching for new Kentucky Derby party ideas to help make their event different. If you are looking to throw a cheap derby party, PartyCheap has the perfect derby decorations at a low price, yet maintaining the high quality you want, need and expect.

The key to throwing a successful blowout is having the viewing room decorated with as many derby decorations and horse racing decorations as possible. Since everyone will be drinking and eating, dressing the food and beverage tables with a Horse Racing Tablecover is a great first step to dressing up the venue. Other than watching the race and socializing, the food and beverage table will be the most important element of your gathering. The Mint Julep has been the drink of the Kentucky Derby (and Churchill Downs)Mint Julep Danglers (2/pkg) for almost a century. Spruce up a classic with some Mint Julep Danglers and provide your guests with the authentic feeling of being in Kentucky on that first Saturday in May. The package comes with two danglers that measure 30 inches long and are sure to add a little moxie to your classic drink. Along with the danglers, you can put out some horse racing lunch plates and napkins that you can get here at PartyCheap.

The Dirt Racetrack Backdrop would be a great thing to hang on the wall for multiple reasons. Not only does it continue the theme of the derby day party, but it also is a huge place for where people can write/stick their bet for everyone to see. It’s a creative way to have everything out for everyone to see and promote competition among all guests.

Along with the backdrop, another neat product to have up in the viewing room is a Derby Photo Prop. Up until the race and even afterwards, this designed cardstock measuring in at 37in x 25in will be a hit among your guests. Invitees will be dying to get their pictures taken while posing in the prop. Since we are in the “Selfie” age, expect many selfies in this prop to find their way on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among a plethora of other social media sites. For many people, posing in this photo prop will be the closest they get Horse Racing Photo Propto being a jockey, but with this prop on derby day, everyone has the pleasure of somewhat running in the race.

If you’re looking to stand out, the Plush Horse Head Hat is sure to complete the task. Throw on this comical hat and everyone will know where you at all times during the derby blowout. Once someone sees another person wearing this hat, they are going to want to wear one as well. When the race starts, there isn’t a better way to root on your horse other than wearing this hat and galloping with your horse! If you’re looking for some more derby party ideas to make your party the breadwinner, click here. The link will walk you through some great ideas for the intricacies of your event and numerous ways on how to entertain your guests through creative food and fun activities.

Since you're throwing a derby party, you want to provide your guests with the most authentic experience imaginable. The Kentucky Derby site gives you plenty of ideas on how to throw a derby party, including what to wear, what to drink and what to eat. If you take a look at their recommendations for main dishes, your mouth will begin to water. Bourbon glazed short ribs. Lobster macaroni and cheese. Strip steak. Delicious! Click here to see the complete list, as well as the recipes for each dish.

There is sure to be drinking, eating and betting at your derby day party, but paying attention to the little details will make this a day that people will start looking forward to minutes after the race! “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” is an event that provides a great opportunity to bring family and friends together, and it’s definitely worth hosting everyone. When it comes to throwing a cheap derby party, PartyCheap has all the derby decorations you will need for your event at a low price, so that you can save money and/or put a few extra bucks on what you believe is the winning horse. There are a lot of classic Kentucky Derby party ideas, but it’s crucial that you put your own spin on it so that you make the gathering yours. Improve your odds for a winning party by shopping here at PartyCheap!