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Jungle Theme Party Ideas- King/Queen of the Jungle

Jungle Insta-Theme

Hang from the tree top with the monkey or slither on the jungle floor like a python at your Jungle Theme Party.

Jungle theme birthday party is extremely popular. All of the kids love to see all the different animals and be their own little explorer. This theme is also very popular because it can be used for any and all ages. No matter if your 2 or 20 this theme will be perfect for you. So make sure your decorations are up to the standards of your birthday boy/girl.

Food Table:

Don’t make your guests go hunting for their food, have everything on your food tables. Make sure the decorations look good for your guests as well. Use the colors Orange, Lime Green, and Light Blue or Turquoise. Lay down Tan Tablecover on every table for a neutral solid background. If you want the table to be filled with fun animal print lay down the Zebra or Leopard table runner. For more of the green jungle theme use the Green Grass Mats to lay down the center of the table and use different animals and Tropical Palm Leaves to lay on the table as well. We have Zebra Print and Leopard Tableware for all of your plate, napkin and cup needs. If you want something that the kids will love, check out our Pick Your Nose Party Animal Cups. Each cup has a different animal’s nose so when the kids drink from the cup it looks like they have an animal’s nose!

Depending on the age of the birthday party, we have younger looking tableware. Like our Monkeyin’ Around Dessert Plates which have cute monkeys swinging around the jungle trees. For a jungle themed sweet 16, the Assorted Animal Print Hi-Hats are perfect. The teens will love to wear their favorite animal print hat for the big celebration!

Animal Print Hi-Hat

Live in the Jungle:

Make sure the guests feel like they are deep in the jungle within the tall trees with our Jungle Insta-Theme. Use our Jungle Trees Backdrop and Jungle Foliage Backdrop for the background. Then accent the jungle with our Jungle Animal Props and Tropical Props. Also, use our Inflatable Animals to place around the party venue. Like our popular Inflatable Lion, Inflatable Tiger, Inflatable Giraffe, Inflatable Elephant, Inflatable Zebra and Inflatable Snake.

Inflatable Elephant

Have the kids be true safari men/women with our Plastic Pith Helmets. Write their names of that hat and they can wear them around the party. These are also great jungle theme party favors for all ages. They will also love to wear the Foam Animal Masks. Which has 12 different animal faces to choose from. The kids can pick out their favorite animal and act like them for the rest of the night.

Photo Props are excellent jungle themed party accessories. No matter what age; the kids, teens and adults will love to pose behind the different props. We have a Jungle Couple Photo Prop which has a man and women swinging through the jungle. The other prop we have is the Jungle Safari Photo Prop, which looks like the person is driving a Jeep through the deep jungle.

Jungle Activities:

When the kids have the Pith Hat or Safari Straw Hat on they will want to go on an adventure. So have a fun scavenger hunt game ready for the kids to play. The last spot can have everyone’s party favors or you can hide the presents that were brought to the party there.

Pith Hat

For the party favors, you can get the kids anything. For jungle theme party favors, check out our Assorted Neon Monkey Tattoos because what kid doesn’t love to give themselves a cool tattoo?! They will also love to drink out of a jungle animal with the help of our Plastic Jungle Animals with Straw. We also have a wide variety of different party beads like our Alligator Beads.

Don’t forget to send the guests home with a full belly and a filled Zoo Animal Treat Box!