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Jungle First Birthday Party Idea

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

A first birthday party is very exciting! Mostly for parents who’ve survived the first year of parenthood or with a new baby. It’s a time to reflect on the feelings you had at this time one year ago. The party is a great time for friends and family to come and see your little one and admire how the growth of the previous year! Decorating for a one-year-old’s birthday party can be fairly simple with PartyCheap to help. Click here to see our post about how to complete a fairy tale theme. Continue reading to see how we would decorate for a jungle themed birthday party.


Setting the scene is always the first step in creating your birthday experiences. PartyCheap has a Jungle Insta-Theme that will cover your entire wall and is featured in the photo above! Hang two shades of green Crepe Streamers from your doorway to give your guests the feeling of being in the treetops when they walk into the room. Continue that decoration throughout your party space if you’d like. Make your own jungle leaves out of construction paper Metallic Blue Happy Birthday Bannerand tape the leaves to your streamers for an extra jungle effect. Need a waterfall in your jungle? Try using our Metallic Fringe Table Skirting. The skirting measures 14 feet long; cut it into four three-foot long strips and layer each strip up your wall. If you have a ceiling fan in the room, or a small fan you can plug in near the fringe, turn it on and let the circulating air ruffle the fringe Inflatable Zoo Animalcreating the effect of flowing water. Remind your guests that this is a first birthday party with our Metallic Blue Happy Birthday Banner – it will go nicely with your waterfall!

Now that your jungle is set, where are the animals! You can DIY just about any jungle animal out of construction paper and PartyCheap’s paper lanterns. We also have a zebra printed lantern if you want to change it up. PartyCheap also has inflatable animals that you can scatter throughout your party making a true safari setting. Your babies can become the animals themselves with our Animal Ears Headbands and a little bit of face paint. Between the accessories and the plethora of jungle movies (The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Tarzan, and many more) they could be occupied for hours.


A jungle theme is the perfect opportunity to be playful with your food. You do not need to get too extravagant with your foods, but some creative names will make all the difference. Put out bowls of the following foods with small signs to indicate a special name for each snack.
  • Snack – Special Name
  • Pretzels – Twigs
  • Cheese Puffs – Tiger Tails
  • Gummy Worms – Snake Pit
  • Bananas – Monkey Treats
  • Grapes – Snake Eggs
  • Apple Eighths – Croc Teeth
  • Raisins/Dried cranberries – Ants
  • Drink Dispensers/Coolers – Watering Hole/Soda Swamp/Jungle Juice
Sweet at One and Monkeyin' AroundFor a main meal, buy (or make fresh) a six foot sub. Cut the sub into two-three inch portions. Now lay out each portion of the sandwich in a curve so that it looks like a snake. Add some olives on toothpicks for eyes and a narrow slice of tomato for a tongue.


Setting your table is the best way to mix and match your jungle theme with first birthday elements. PartyCheap has an entire array of plates, cups, and napkins for both themes. Check out the Sweet at One collection, which features various jungle creatures and text that reads “happy first birthday.” If you’d prefer to mix and match your tableware, try the Monkeyin’ Around collection mixed with our standard First Birthday plates, napkins, and cups. Your babies will love the bright colors, but if they still need a little help with the drinks, try the Plastic Jungle Animal Cups with Straw. These cups even make great favors for your guests to take home.


Speaking of favors, close out your animal extravaganza with some extra treats for your guests. PartyCheap has Cardboard Zoo Animal Treat BoxesZoo Animal Treat Boxes that will be perfect for handing out favors. Stuff these boxes full of animal crackers for your guests to enjoy. If you have leftover snacks from the party, offer to let your guests fill their boxes with those treats. They won’t even know it but your guests will be helping you with the cleanup!

Whatever you need to make a great party, PartyCheap is here to help with all your first birthday decoration ideas. We have everything you need to make sure your party is memorable, at least for you if not for your little one! Congratulations to parents!