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Jungle Baby Shower

Eek eek oo oo oo! Welcome to the jungle! Planning a jungle baby shower? PartyCheap has everything you need to welcome the new little one into their new habitat! Whether you are having a king of the jungle or queen of the jungle baby shower, PartyCheap will help make this baby shower gentle, calm and a hint of wild! Roar!

Lions, Tigers, Babies, Oh My! Decorate with a Jungle Tree Backdrop and Jungle Animal Props to make each guest feel like they are sitting right in the middle of pure wilderness. As each guest arrives have them sign a jungle themed book. This is a great keepsake for the new baby and for the new mother. Set up tables and Jungle Animal Propschairs and decorate each table with jungle decorations to fit in with the theme. Looking for exotic centerpieces? Use Bamboo Tiki Table Torch with Candle wrapped in jungle flowers and greens. If you are looking to create your own centerpieces, make unique jungle terrariums for each table. Hang zebra paper lanterns and Printed Snake Print Whirls from the ceiling. Play jungle noises in the background on low. The sound of water trickling and soft animals noises will really give the jungle feel. PartyCheap has a wide variety of jungle tablecloths such as zebra, leopard, giraffe and so much more to complete your jungle baby shower theme.

Once the whole pack has arrived, dig into the grub! Do a buffet style luncheon with jungle affiliated foods. Display a mixture of subs cut into pieces and arranged as a snake for the main dish. Create a pineapple Pick Your Nose Animal Party Cupspalm tree with assorted fruit at its base. Make a veggie or fruit dip and label it hungry hippo dip. At each table, place a basket of peanuts and label it elephant treats. To go along with the snake sub, have a bowl of cheetah chips and zebra cakes. Then to wash it down, take everyone to the watering hole! Make different types of drinks to choose from since not all animals eat and drink the same foods. An assortment of drinks could include jungle juice, parrot paradise, and bug juice. Have fun drinking these juices out of pick your nose party animal cups! For more jungle baby shower supplies and baby shower tableware stampede you way over to

Itís game time! No baby shower is complete without games! Kick off the first game with safari BINGO since everyone knows how to play. Make a BINGO card with the names of jungle animals. The first person to get five in a row, wins! The next game will be match baby animal to its momma. Have a list of animals on the left and then a list of Jungle Trees Backdropthe names of baby animals on the right. Match the correct baby animal name with the adult animal name. The person with the most correct matches of adult and baby animals, wins! Another neat game to play is called what'sí in your purse? One each table place a card that has a list of items with the number of points above. Look through your purse and see how many you can find that match the list below. Add up points and the person with most points wins! Play each game a few times and award each winner with a prize. Ideas for prizes a bottle of wine or a pedicure in a jar. One more neat gift is cookies in a jar. Take a mason jar and replace the sealed lid with a baby bottle nipple, then fill the jar with the ingredients to make m&m cookies. Use pink m&mís for a baby girl and blue m&mís for a baby boy. Lastly, place advice cards on each table for the new mother.Having a baby comes with a roller coaster of emotions. It is happy and exciting but it can be nerve racking as well. Each guest will write their advice on a card for the new mother. She will read the advice cards as she awaits the arrival of her baby. With the love and support of friends and family the new mom will get through all the hardships of motherhood but will cherish each special moment.

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? The mommy emergency kit is the gift that covers everything a new mother will need. In bucket or basket include; wet wipes, kleenex, diapers, a bottle, formula, a binkie, nail clippers, infant Tylenol, band-aids, baby lotion, baby powder, diaper cream, baby wash, and a extra change of clothes. This kit covers all the necessary items for a baby. Another cool gift is a at-home new parent date night gift. Include in a basket; a bottle of wine, pasta and sauce and a game or movie. This gift will give the parents a break from their parenting duties and time to spend with each other. Since becoming a new mother comes with so much responsibility and important documents. Make a organization folder for the new baby to give as a gift. Buy an accordion file with 12 pockets and labels. Label each of the tab with the following; birth certificates and social security card, keepsakes, milestones, pediatrician visits, immunization records, other health records, insurance paperwork, nursing/feeding information, parenting articles/pamphlets, receipts/warranties, manuals and lastly miscellaneous. This will keep important documents organized when you life is a little hectic. For more baby shower gift ideas go to

A baby shower is such a special event especially for new mothers. PartyCheap has more jungle baby shower ideas to help you celebrate the new baby! Itís a jungle out there little one but youíre going to have a wild time!