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Italian Party Ideas

Italian Chef Hat

Nearly everyone loves Italian food. The delicious pastas, spicy meats, various choices of sauces and of course the Italian bread makes an Italian theme party perfect for almost any themed party event. From a formal Italian dinner party to an Italian pizza party for the kids we are here to hopefully give you some ideas on how you can customize an Italian theme to fit your needs, and budget.

How to decorate for an Italian Dinner Party

Are you hosting an Italian dinner party but aren’t sure where to start? First of all relax. There is really nothing that you can do to mess up an Italian themed party. Your main goal is to provide a comfortable environment with an Italian flair so that your guest’s mouths will start to water in anticipation of the Italian food which is really the main reason they are there. Below we have broken out three of the most popular types of Italian themed parties, the formal Italian Dinner Party, the Italian Food Festival, and the Italian Pizza Party. As you can probably figure out all of these Italian themes pull strongly from the core group of Italian decorations that are green, white, and red as found on the Italian national flag.

Formal Italian Dinner Party

While a formal dinner party typically brings images of candlelit tables and fine white linens to mind, it doesn't have to be stuffy or pretentious. Basically, keep it simple and accent your table with some subtle wine and cheese napkins and wine and cheese plates. Since wine is very popular with Italian dinner parties decorate the table or create some hanging decorations with tissue grape decorations. If you are going to be serving wine outdoors you may not want to use your best glassware so consider using disposable plastic wine glasses or the upscale clear plastic wine glass. A solid white table linen is perfectly acceptable but to add a little more color to your table decorating consider using the plastic red, white and green table cover. Finally, you can welcome the guests to your Italian dinner party with the Viva Italia banner and inform them of the delicacies they are about to enjoy with the reusable Italian Night Menu Board.

Italian Food Festival

Italian Banner

Decorating for an Italian Food Festival is very easy and one of our favorite events to decorate for. The red, white, and green colors, the smell of Italian sausages, and the anticipation of a freshly made cannoli is a summertime favorite of ours. Anyway, how to decorate for an Italian Festival is dictated by how big of an area you need to decorate for. We recommend starting by hanging up a pennant banner in the alternating colors or green, white, and red. We have three different sizes of this Italian themed pennant banner in 12 foot, 30 foot, and giant 120 lengths. So it doesn’t matter if your Italian food festival is indoors or out you will have an Italian pennant banner that is sure to meet your needs. Next you need something to cover the dining tables, picnic, benches, and serving stations where food will be presented. As we mentioned before the plastic Red Gingham table cover is perfect for dressing up rectangular tables. However, if you have a lot of tables to cover or some very long banquet tables we suggest the Red Plastic Gingham table roll that is 40 inches wide and 100 feet long. We also have solid color table rolls available as well. The Italian festival needs to have a lot of green, white, and red colors so one of the quickest ways to decorate is by picking up the complete Italian Decorating kit. Included in this kit is everything you need to decorate your doors, wall, and ceiling in Italian colored décor. On each table you can place an Italian Flag Centerpiece which is made of shiny metallic foil with accenting Italian flags. Finally, top off your Italian dish by serving it with some Italian flag food picks. Either use them to dress up your dish or use them as a way to serve appetizers. With 50 mini flags per package we are sure you will find a way to work them into your Italian food festival theme.

Pizza Party Ideas

Italian Banner Who wouldn't want to go to a pizza party? Pizza parties are popular birthday party themes and are a great way to celebrate a successful sports season with your little league team. Especially if you are throwing a pizza party for kids, it is a smart idea to cover your tables. Not only will this instantly dress up the room in a Pizza party theme, but it makes cleanup a lot easier. We like to start with the Italian Plastic table cover in green, white, and red. It will cover most rectangular tables and goes great with all of the other Italian decorations like the Italian flag cutout. You can then serve your pizza party guests on the Italian chef plate or the green, white, and red plate which also has matching napkins. For a fun pizza party theme give each of your attendees their own Chef’s hat. They can wear them as a fun party accessory so that they will match the large joined Italian Chef decoration. You can give your pizza party guests some Italian throw beads to give them something to remember the pizza party with. Pizza parties make great Italian theme parties because they are easy to decorate for, easy to clean up, and just about everyone loves pizza! So the next time you are responsible for putting a party together for a bunch of people, don't just make it a another boring meal. Spice it up and turn it into a pizza party. Italian theme parties are easy to decorate for because there is no wrong way to do it. Just remember to use the Italian flag colors of green, white, and red and browse through all of our cheap Italian decorations to give you some Italian party decorating ideas.