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Irish Themed Party

So you want to celebrate your Irish heritage? An Irish themed party is the way to go! PartyCheap has an extensive selection of Irish decorations that can be used for a St. Patrick’s Day party as well. Obviously, there is going to be a lot of green everywhere, but make sure you have some white and orange mixed in as well. So get ready, embrace the Irish in you and let’s get to it!

Since you’ll likely be having traditional Irish food and drinks on the table, cover the tables at your Irish party with PartyCheap’s Shamrock Tablecover. Don’t worry, this festive tablecover is certainly large enough to fit most standard size tables. The product is made of a thin plastic and the shamrocks on the tablecover look great. If you go to touch the plastic, you might expect to touch a soft bed of clovers! There might possibly be some four-leaf clovers on the design, so you could also hang one up on the wall and see how long it takes someone to find it! If there is one... But hey, that’s the fun of the game!

Another great Irish party supply is the Shamrock Gleam N Burst Centerpiece. This flashy product is sure to add some pizazz to your tables, especially sitting atop the Shamrock Tablecover. The base of this product is made of green metallic material with a small white bow tied around it. For the shamrocks extending out from the base of the product, they are made of made of plastic metallic. The gleaming green and white shamrocks will work well with the tablecover, as well as all the other decor that will be around your hooley (a party in Ireland).
Shamrock Paper Lanterns (3 Lanterns Per Package)
PartyCheap’s Shamrock Paper Lanterns are another great product to display at your event. The spherical lanterns measure nine and a half inches around and they even fold down flat for easy storage until your next event. There are little white shamrocks all over the lantern, another product that will be printed with shamrocks on it. When it comes to Irish home decor, the shamrock lanterns are a high-quality, inexpensive product that is very easy to hang.

The Flags and Shamrocks Banner is a creative, colorful way to proudly display your Irish heritage. Each package contains one banner with eight Irish flags with a shamrock hanging from the bottom of the flag. Each Irish flag is eight (8) inches tall by 12 inches wide, and the shamrock extending downwards from the bottom of the flag measures four (4) inches tall. The banner is made of an All-Weather Poly Material, making it a very durable product. This banner is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so don’t let any weather deter you from putting this product outside of your home or the location of the event.

If you want to stand out or simply just wear as much green as possible, purchase the Shamrock Suspenders. The product is a one size fits most and green will really pop off the shirt that you are wearing Shamrock Suspenderswith these suspenders. There are white clovers printed on the suspenders, adding the Irish theme to your outfit. The straps are elastic and are adjustable, so you can modify them all you want until you achieve the perfect fit you desire. This is a product that is sure to take your outfit to new heights and will likely become your favorite pair of festive suspenders.

If you’re looking for even more Irish party ideas, click here. That link provides a bunch of different Irish themes you can take up at your party, as well as various food items and beverages. This type of party is a great opportunity to show off and celebrate your Irish heritage with your friends and family. When planning your hooley, come right here to PartyCheap to get high-quality decorations without breaking the bank. Just think how much extra money you will have for other aspects of the party by doing your shopping at PartyCheap! Go ahead and click the green “Shop Now” button just below and delve into our vast selection of Irish themed decorations!