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Ideas for a 4th of July Party

What is the 4th of July? Well, most importantly, itís Independence Day, but itís also a great day to gather with friends and family. Drink, grill and chill during the day, and then watch some fireworks later in the evening. If you are going to host your own Independence Day party, PartyCheap has some 4th of July party decor that will blow you away.

In early July, the weather should be nice and warm, so you are going to need some 4th of July outdoor Outdoor American Flag Banner - PartyCheap for all your 4th of July decorations and suppliesdecorations. You came to the right place, because PartyCheapís Outdoor American Flag Banner is the perfect outdoor decoration for the party. The Banner is 18 inches high and 60 feet long. It is made of poly material, so you can be sure it is safe and durable enough for the outdoors.

To keep your tables safe from any spills and to carry on the tri-color (red, white and blue) theme, use the Patriotic Tablecover on all of your tables at the party. It is made of a thin plastic that has three stripes: one red, one white and one blue. It measures 54 inches by 108 inches, so it should easily cover a standard-sized table. The tablecover will help keep your table safe from any accidents that might happen, as well as embracing Americaís colors.

Wait, you want some more 4th of July flags at your event? We donít blame you one bit! Go ahead and get the American Flag Cutout to add to your party. It measures 24 inches long by 18 inches tall, so it will be easily visible to all guests at the party. The design is printed on both sides of card stock material, while oneAmerican Flag Cutout  - perfect for your 4th of July party side has a glossy finish.

Your guests are going to be thirsty, so youíre going to want to have some festive 4th of July drinks for your guests. Click here to go to a site that gives you 12 drinks to sip on Independence Day. Thereís a lot of tasty drinks in there, as well as some colorful drinks that look like the American flag! You canít go wrong with any of the drinks in that slideshow! For the under-21 crowd, provide drinks that are either red, white or blue in color, making their drink in line with the theme of the party!

If there are children at the party, setting up a 4th of July crafts for kids station would be an awesome idea! The children can create some neat crafts with an assortment of different materials. They could make an American flag out of popsicle sticks or draw an Independence day picture! All you have to do is put out a bunch of crafty supplies and the children will do the rest. Kids are extremely creative and they are sure to come up with something interesting! Their 4th of July crafts might be the best youíve ever seen.

What else is synonymous with an Independence Day party? Food. Well, look no further. Click here for a slideshow of 4th of July food ideas. The slideshow has a bunch of Independence Day favorites that are going to satisfy the taste buds of all your guests. From burgers, to pork, to salad, your guests will surely be able to find something they are craving. Not sure which plate(s) you want to make? When you send out your invitations, place a poll on the invitation and have your guest tell you which plate they would like at the event when they R.S.V.P for the party.

With the grill grilliní and the party partyiní, adding some entertainment would be a huge boost to the party. What are some 4th of July party games that could be played? Hmmm.. Bocce ball is a classic game that could be played. However, Kan Jam is becoming one of the more popular summer party games. Teams of two compete to see who can reach 21 points first. This game is a lot of fun and can easily be played for hours. What is probably the most popular summer party game out there? Itís probably cornhole. Cornhole is Paper lantern globes with stars and stripes shout 4th of July celebration!a great, simple game to play at your party that will keep guests entertained for hours. Better yet, have cornhole and Kan Jam set up at your party!