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Ideas for a 21st Birthday

Woohoo! You’ve finally made it! Everyone looks forward to their 21st birthday party so why not make it a blast in glass! This is the time in your life where it is just about to pick up speed and blast right into the stratosphere. So buckle up and wear a seatbelt but be sure to enjoy the journey! PartyCheap has everything you need for planning a 21st birthday party. Most birthday parties are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake, but this birthday is nature’s way of telling us to drink more drinks. That being said, these 21st birthday parties will be anything tame!

Planning a 21st birthday party for a family member or friend? Party cheap has all the 21st birthday party 21st Birthday Party Sashsupplies you will need to make this party fun, crazy and hopefully one your will remember! Wake up at 12:01 because you are a fresh 21. Start out with a morning mimosa! Before heading out to the club with your friends, gear up with 21st birthday attire. Wear a 21 and Terrific Blink Button and party beads. If you want to go all out, wear a 21 Birthday Party Sash or top it off with a Glittered 21 Tiara! PartyCheap has a wide array of birthday shot glasses and 21st birthday cups too! Now everyone will know whose birthday it is, walk to the club and don’t stop until it’s no longer your birthday. Need more than just one day to celebrate your birthday? Make it a party marathon and celebrate all week! For those who want to make to celebrate with a little class, get dressed up and go with a friend or two for dinner and order a nice bottle of wine or champagne. No matter the type of 21st birthday approach you take, it will sure be a great time!

Throw a big 21st birthday bash at home! Invite all your friends and family over for 21st birthday party games! Start off the party with classic drinking games such as beer pong or flip cup. Once everyone has had practice, turn it up a notch with PartyCheap’s drinking games. Try out our Roulette Game with Shot Glass orDrinking Games from Around the World Drinking Games from Around the World. If you are not into drinking games, volleyball and cornhole are always favorites that will get everyone up and moving! Need more 21st party ideas at home? Bring out the cake! Even though you are 21 and grown up, you still must to blow out the candles! Make a beer cake or cupcakes with mini bottles for the new legal drinker!

Looking for the perfect 21st birthday gift? Click here to see some ideas! Once of the most practical gifts you can give is to make him/her a gift basket with everything he/she will need to survive this night. First put in a few mini bottles to start off the night. You will need to get a bottle of ibuprofen to help the headache. Make-up remover is needed to Glittered 21 Tiaratake off last’s night's face. Orbit gum will clean up that dirty mouth and hair ties will hold back your hair. Add gatorade to rehydrate so you can do it all again. Throw in a first aide kit, you never know what could happen. Block out the next morning’s bright sunlight with sunglasses. Add lip balm, tissues and lastly one bucket to put everything in and to catch the mess. This will create the perfect survival kit for a 21st birthday party. Another great gift would be a hand-painted wine glass or beer mug! For more ideas for a 21st birthday visit PartyCheap.

No matter where you celebrate your 21st birthday party, PartyCheap will make sure it is the best birthday yet! This is the one birthday it is acceptable to be wild, so let loose and have a great time but remember to be safe!