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How to Decorate for an Under the Sea Party

The ocean has been and always will be filled with mystery. Kids and adults alike are fascinated by what could be hiding in the depths of the dark blue water, so what not take an adventure? It is difficult to actually make it out to an ocean or sea and then costs money to snorkel and scuba dive. The costs of travel, equipment, lessons and time all add up to the point that this dream trip will be impossible. But if you have visited the aquariums around your area and know that you love the sea and the creatures that call it home, then throw an Under the Sea Party! At first, you may wonder if this is even possible, but there are some many different ways you can decorate your home so that it looks like the ocean.

The first step you have to take is deciding how much of your home you would like to decorate. Do you want multiple rooms to be covered in decorations ceiling to floor? Or do you only really want to spruce up your living room? Next, you need to figure out what exactly you want each room or room to look like. Do you want everyone to start on the beach and work their way into the ocean? Or would you prefer everyone to dive in right away? Once you have decided how much you want to decorate and the scenes you would like to set up, you are ready to start decorating.

Creating An Underwater Room

As everyone enters the venue, they need to feel as though they have taken a dive deep into the ocean. If you are capable of decorating your entire room, you will definitely want to decorate the walls with the Under the Sea Insta-Theme. Start off by taping up the Ocean Floor Border and the Undersea Backdrop. To cover the entire wall, you will want to use one ocean floor and two undersea backdrops. Once you have these walls up, you will feel as though you are literally standing on the ocean floor looking toward the surface.

Under the Sea Backdrop

To finish decorating your walls, you will want to get the Sea Creature Props, Coral Reef Prop and the Marine Life Props. All you need to do is cut these props from the plastic sheet they come in and tape them up as you please. You will want to make sure you cut as close to the actual prop as possible because they look best without too much extra clear plastic. You can place them wherever you see fit and you can either put all of them up, or only as many as you can fit on your walls. Also, for an added 3-D effect, place some Tissue Crabs near your floor. These crabs are made of honeycomb tissue and cardstock. They would make a fun addition to your room that the kids would love to play with.

Under the Sea Wall Decorations

Using the Insta-Theme is not the only option you have for decorating your walls for an Under the Sea theme party. We offer many cutouts that can easily placed on your wall so your guests can pretend they are scuba diving through the ocean depths. For instance, use the Jointed Seascape as the centerpiece of your wall. This seascape is approximately three feet long and a little over two feet tall. Place it near the base of your wall as if the base of the wall is the ocean floor.

Coral Reef Fish Cutouts

Then, place the Fish Cutouts, Coral Reef Fish Cutouts, Foil Angelfish Silhouettes, Foil Dolphin Silhouette and the Foil Shark Silhouette. You can either tape or pin up these cutouts to your wall. These will be a great addition to the fish that are on the Jointed Seascape. If you want it to look like the fish are popping off of the wall, use plastic fish molds. Take a look at the Plastic Lobster, Red Plastic Crab, and the Assorted Plastic Fish . Once you mount them onto the wall, you room will have a whole other dimension.

Decorating the Ceiling with Fish

Now, if you want to add even more 3-D effects to your room, hang fish from the ceiling. Yes, this sounds a bit weird at first and a bit much, but it will give an amazing under the sea effect. All you need is some fishing line (this way no one will be able to see thread) and some tropical looking fish. Of course you shouldn’t go out and buy real fish and try to hang them from the ceiling because that would not go over too well. Instead of real fish, get some Tissue Fish, Tissue Bubble Fish, Color-Brite Tropical Fish and Deep Sea Tropical Fish. These are all 3-D fish that are made of cardstock and honeycomb tissue, or cardstock and nylon.

Each fish comes with a hole in the top of the cardstock to hang them, or in the case of the nylon fish a string already attached. Tie some fishing line in various lengths and hang them from the ceiling. If you do not have a tiled drop ceiling, then use some Ceiling Hooks to hang the fish from. If you do have a tiled drop ceiling, tie the other end of the fishing line around a paperclip and slip it into the tile. Another option would be to purchase inflatable fish such as the Assorted Inflatable Tropical Fish, Inflatable Tropical Mini Fish, Assorted Inflatable Fish Beach Balls and the Inflatable Shark. Again, with these fish use fishing line to hang them from the ceiling. If they do not have a hole at the top, use a small piece of tape to attach the fishing line.

Inflatable Tropical Fish

Make sure you hang every fish at various lengths to create a fun room. Your guests really will feel like they are walking along the ocean floor encountering many different types of sea creatures. An added bonus of the inflatable fish is that if you want you can give them to your guests as souvenirs, or even allow the kids to play with them during the party. If you do not have the time to hang up each individual fish, hang up the Tropical Fish 3-D Skyscape. This is an easy alternative and all you have to do is unfold it and pull it as taught as you want. The fish hang from a thing plastic that looks like water and each strand has three fish on it. It is twelve feet long, so it will cover plenty of space.

Creative Ideas for Decorating the Table

For the table in your Under the Sea party, you will want it to look like the ocean was merely placed onto the table. Your table decorations will depend on the shape of your table. If your table is rectangular, start off by covering the table with a Rectangular Tablecover in any shade of blue that you find attractive. Each table cover is four and a half feet wide and nine feet long, so there will plenty for you to cover your entire table. Next, take some cheap fish netting, in any color you like, and place it in the down the center of the table. Spread it out in some areas and bunch it together in others. Leave certain areas flat in order to place centerpieces on the fish netting.

You can use any type of beach object that you have around your house, such as a large starfish or sand dollar. If you do not have anything like that, then try the Coral Reef Pop-Over Centerpiece. As an idea, place one centerpiece at one end of the table and another one at the other end. Place the Sea Creatures Centerpieces throughout the rest of the fish netting. These adorable sea creatures’ bodies are made out of honeycomb tissue, so they are a great three dimensional touch. In the center of the table, you can place the Sea Shells in a Basket. This will make an elegant, yet fun centerpiece. Each basket comes with approximately forty to forty-five real sea shells. Because there are so many, you can take a few out and spread them throughout the table as well.

Underwater Table Decorations

If your table is round or square, you will need to change how you decorate your table slightly. For a circular table, use a Round Tablecover, which we also have in many different shades of blue. For a square table, you can either use a round tablecover or a rectangular table cover, depending on the size. You can still use the fish netting, but instead of spreading it down the center of the table (it would cut the table in half), bunch it in the center of the table. For round and square tables, you need to be able to see the center from every angle so the decorations must be located in the very center. Before you place the fish netting down, find an object that is roughly three to five inches tall that you can rest an object on. Place this object in the very center of the table and put the fish netting on top of it spreading it out into a diameter of about a foot.

Gather the fish netting and flatten it in some areas like on the rectangular table in order to place centerpieces. Once the fish netting is done, use the Coral Reef 3-D Centerpiece and Sea Creatures Centerpieces as you wish. Place them so that no matter where someone is sitting, they will see at least one of the centerpieces. After you have placed these, take the Sea Shells in a Basket and rest it on top of the object you previously placed in the center of the table. The basket will now have some extra height so that it is not hidden by the other centerpieces. Again, you can take some of the sea shells out and place them throughout the fish netting for some more appeal, along with the assorted starfish.

Under the Sea Tableware

For tableware, you will want something that matches the rest of the room. If you own white plates and bowls, those would make a good contrast to all of the other colors you have, without taking away from the decorations. If you would prefer to use tableware that you can throw out, try some paper tableware. We offer an Under the Sea Tableware Set that matches perfectly with the Under the Sea Insta-Theme and the Under the Sea Pop-Over Centerpiece.

Under the Sea Tableware

The tableware set is made of lunch plates and napkins, desert plates and beverage cups and napkins. Each piece (lunch plate, napkin, etc.,) has a different pattern on it. For instance, the lunch plates have a coral pattern while the dessert plates have a sea turtle printed on them. The graphics are detailed and adorable, so both kids and adults will enjoy them. The best part is you do not have to wash them; just throw them in the trash! Easy clean up at its best.

More Under the Water Ideas

If you have more than enough space for your party, or even just a corner of the room you would like to fill with some sort of decoration, there are a couple of things you could do. First, you can section off an area of the room for a piñata. You will not want anything that hangs too near by and most definitely nothing that is breakable. You will want to use a piñata that is some sort of sea creature, such as the Angel Fish Piñata. Kids will enjoy the bright colors of the fish and of course have fun trying to hit it open (some adults will enjoy this as well). Another fun activity for the children would be to set up a small table for the Shark Photo Prop. With this photo prop, kids and adults can place their face into a scuba diver’s mask.

Shark Photo Prop

The photo prop is made of cardstock and can stand on its own. The front of the photo prop has a graphic of an old school scuba diver encountering a hungry shark. There is a hole where the scuba diver’s face would be in order for you to place yours there. Also, if there is a section of wall that you have not decorated, like a hallway, but want something to put on the wall, use the Aquarium Insta-View. This will instantly add a scene to your wall. It will appear as though you are staring into an aquarium filled with tropical fish and a large shark. Your guests will be enticed to see all of your decorations once they see this.

If you want a game for the kids to play, you can make your own version of an under the sea treasure hunt. Get a small children’s plastic pool and fill it with sand (this is a bit messy). Bury objects in the sand, such as sea shells, starfish and plastic coins. Allow each child, or adult, to take a turn and dig through the sand for ten to thirty seconds and see how much they can find. Whoever is able to find the most buried treasure can receive a prize, such as an inflatable. For easy cleanup, place a plastic sheet under and the pool, so if sand spills out you can just lift up the sheet and dump it back into the pool.

Under the Sea Decorations for the Windows

If you have a window in your room and want some decoration for it, drape some cheap Fish Netting over it. Tangle some colorful Starfish and old seashells you have from the beach in the pockets made from the draping. This will add a very authentic beachy feel which is always important when you want your guests to feel as though they are in the deep blue.


Another option, or addition, is to place the Marine Animal Window Clings on your windows. The kids will love the bright colors and friendly looking fish. These clings also work great on mirrors, so if you have a mirror in the room that you don’t know what to do with, use these clings.

Fun Ideas to Decorate the Bathroom

As for the bathroom, you don’t just want to leave it as it is; you need to take the ocean in there with you. So that your guests know where the bathroom is, put an Aloha Door Cover on the outside of the bathroom door. It has a great tropical feel to it and your guests will realize right away that you have really taken decorating to the next level. Often, when you have guests over they use a powder room on the main floor, so there is not a whole lot of space to decorate. One of the best things to do is decorate the lid of the toilet. Yes, that is a very odd and strange comment, but it is actually quite simple and a lot of fun. The easiest way to decorate your toilet is to place a toilet topper in the top of the lid.

Aloha Door Cover

To keep it in the Under the Sea theme, we have a Shark Toilet Topper Peel N Place that looks as though a shark is coming out of your toilet bowl. This is a great way to get some screams and then laughs out of your guests, but if you feel as though this is too scary for little children, there is also a Tropical Toilet Topper Peel N Place . This will make the lid look as though it is made of bamboo and tropical flowers are placed on top. One of the best concepts about these toilet toppers is that they are easy to remove and will not damage your toilet. Also, you can reuse them! For the mirror in the bathroom, use the Marine Animal Window Clings.

If you have any extra seashells, place them on the counter of the sink. If you have the wall space, place the Aquarium Insta-View on your wall to give your guests something nice to look at as they use the rest room. And now your bathroom is complete! Now your decorating is complete! Of course you can tweak any of these ideas to your own particular taste; add more decorations or take away. No matter what you end up using, you are bound to have a most unforgettable party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, or want to feel as though you have flown to the Pacific Ocean for some scuba diving, these Under the Sea decorations will allow you to feel as though you have swam to the depths of the ocean. So start decorating and have a party like no other!