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How to Decorate for an Easter Egg Hunt

Believe it or not Easter is just around the corner. You know what that means? The Easter Bunny is coming! You may want begin planning your Easter egg hunt now. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself, so you can start planning for your big Easter egg hunt. Am I going to have this hunt inside or outside? How many people will be coming to my Easter egg hunt? Am I going to use real eggs or plastic eggs? Am I going to fill those eggs with candy or little goodies? Please allow us to help you answer these questions and more. To help you answer the first question you’ll want to decide whether you plan on having your Easter egg hunt inside or outside. If you are planning a big Easter egg hunt you may want to pre-plan by checking the weather for the day of the hunt. That way if bad weather is on the horizon you can make arrangements ahead of time to try and have your Easter egg hunt indoors.

Easter Bunny Door Cover

Regardless of where your Easter egg hunt is held you can divide your hunting area into sections according to the children’s ages. (Don’t get us wrong. Adults can hunt for Easter eggs too. But, we'd like to focus more on the kids.) You can begin at 0-3; have the parents assist hunting the Easter eggs in this age group. Then make it gradually more difficult to find Easter eggs for the older children. You can group the children between the ages of 4-6 in one section, and group the children between the ages of 7-9 in another section. Lastly, have children between the ages of 10-12 in a larger area, and spread the Easter eggs out more so it is more of a challenge for them to find the eggs. Use the Easter Egg Hunt Poly Decorating Material to split up the areas for the different age groups. This is made of a thin plastic material, and measures three inches wide by fifty feet long. You may need to purchase more than one of the Easter Egg Hunt Poly Decorating Material especially if you plan on roping off a large area.

You can also use the Easter Egg Hunt Yard Sign. This colorful sign is attached to a wooden stake, and provides white space where you can fill in the date and time of the Egg Hunt.Use the Pastel Blank Arrow Yard Sign to direct your guests where to go for your Easter egg-travaganza! The arrow is blank too, so you can personalize it! Now you can focus on the eggs. You can use real eggs, boil them, decorate them, and hide them. Or you can use plastic eggs and fill them with some treats or goodies, like the Bunny Beads. Then you may want to provide something for everyone to carry around and collect their eggs. Or you can have them bring something along, like their favorite Easter basket. If you want to put something together for the younger children we have the Assorted Mini Metal Easter Buckets, the Party Favor Pastel Pint Pail or the Easter Cello Bags. Another fun item you can use at your Easter Egg Hunt, if you don’t have a live Easter Bunny is to use our Easter Bunny Cutout. The sun is out the birds are chirping, the squirrels are out playing with the Easter eggs too!

If you have your Easter egg hunt indoors you can really decorate by hanging items from the ceiling. Try taking a look at the Easter Egg Whirls, the Pink, Light Blue, and Lavender Art-Tissue Ball, the Color Bright Egg Cascade, the Easter Egg Cascade, the Easter Egg Danglers, the Bunny Garland, the Easter Egg Shimmering Spiral, the Easter Egg Stringer, and the Easter Egg Twirly Whirly's. If you are planning to serve food or have Easter brunch before your Easter egg hunt we have plenty of table decorations. First you can cover your tables in the Grass Tablecover. Then decorate the center of your table with a Striped Tissue Egg, the Easter Centerpiece, the Dusty Rose and Pink Tissue Grass Mats or the Green Tissue Grass Mats. We also have the Easter Egg Cascade Centerpiece, the Bunny and Egg Gleam N Burst Centerpiece, the Easter Bunny Pop-Over Centerpiece, the Happy Easter Gleam N Burst Centerpiece, the Showers of Flowers Cascade Centerpiece, the Butterfly and Flower Cascade Centerpiece, and the Easter Egg Photo/Balloon Holder.

Tissue Easter Eggs

Then sprinkle some confetti around to give your tables a little extra glitter. Take a look at the Fanci-Fetti Easter Eggs, Fanci-Fetti Easter Bunnies, Gold Fanci-Fetti Crosses, or Silver Fanci-Fetti Crosses. Cover your door in the Easter Door Cover, or cover your entryway with the Easter Bunny Character Curtain. We have lots of goodies to fill your Easter baskets too! Like the Color Bright Egg Stickers, Easter Bunny Stickers, Bunny, Basket, and Egg Stickers, and the Easter Egg Stickers. We also have the It’s All About the Chocolate Bunny Button, Soft-Touch Bunny Ears, Easter Egg Boppers, Bunny Ear Hair Clips, Carrot Ears Headband, the Plush Satin Bunny Ears, the Black Plush Satin Bunny Ears, the Butterfly Boppers, and the Sitting Bunny Inflatable, 40 inches. We hope we’ve given you some new ideas for your upcoming Easter egg hunt. We’ve only given you a glimpse of the items we have available in our Easter category. Happy Easter Egg Hunting from!

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