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How to Decorate for a Pirate Party

Arrrrrgh ye mateys! Argh ye throwin yourself a pirate parrrty and need some help? Well, me, Cap’n Black Beard can help ye! All you have t' do be follow me directions and you will have t' best pirate party in town when you use these awesome authentic lookin' pirate decorations. Decide where you want t’ decorate first: indoors, outside, or both (if you be decoratin' outside, you be goin' t' need certain decorations that aren't used indoors).

Beware of Pirates Banner

Decorating Indoors in Pirate Theme

Start off your decorating in your entry way. You want your guests to be surprised once they walk into your home, office building or church. Cover your door with the Beware of Pirates Door Cover so that as soon as your guests walk up to your main entrance they will be able to prepare themselves for what they are about to partake in. When you open the door for them, you will want them to see more pirate decorations right away, so hang up the Weathered Pirate Flag. Line your hallway with the Jolly Roger Pennant Banner as well as the Pirate Street Sign Cutouts. The pennant banner is twelve feet long, so there will be plenty for an entire hall and as a bonus it is made of an all-weather poly material, so if you want you can also put it outside and it will not ruin in the weather. The cutouts are perfect for directing your guests to certain areas. For instance, one sign says “Dead Man’s Chest” on the front so you can have it near the area you have designated for a treasure chest full of pirate treasure. Another states “Poop Deck” which is perfect for marking the bathroom.

Weathered Pirate Flag

As your guests enter the main entertainment room, you will again have to make a decision on how you would like to decorate it. The first option would be to pursue the Pirate Insta-Theme. This scene setter practically screams pirate with all of the different props you can get. In order to begin setting up the Pirate Insta-Theme, you need to tape or pin up the Blue Sky and Ocean Backdrop as well as the Beach Backdrop. Once you have these on the wall, you can then add the props. It is not necessary to add every single prop, only add the ones that appeal to your pirate taste. We offer many pirate props for you to choose from such as the Dueling Pirate & Bandit Props, Bonny Blade & Calico Jack Props, Pirate Ship & Island Props and the Pirate Hideaway Prop.

Pirate Street Signs

These props are great for creating a pirate scene like the ones you see in movies. The dueling pirates and the sinking ship will give you make you feel as though you are behind the scenes of a real pirate battle. We also offer three different peel n place stickers that go really well with the insta-theme: Pirate Treasure Peel N Place, Pirate Skeleton Peel N Place and Fatal Treasure Peel N Place. Each of these make great details to your pirate scene and give it that weary feel that something bad is about to happen. The best part about these peel n places is that they are removable and reusable. As with all of these props, you do not necessarily need to place them on the backdrops. If you have a solid color wall, you can tape them up on the wall, or even a door. Once you have finished setting up the insta-theme, you can move on to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Pirate Party Decorating Ideas

There is nothing pirates love more than the open seas…well nothing other than a bottle of rum. If you have an outdoor space you are capable of decorating, then it is time to turn it into a pirate’s paradise. Do your best to make sure your party will fall on a nice day so that all of your decorations will stay up. The first thing you should do is give a warning or two to your guests. Near the entrance of your party, find a grassy spot or a put with soil in it and place the Beware of Pirates 3-D Art-Form Yard Sign. This sign is perfect for the outdoors because it is made of molded plastic, so it will withstand the rain and it has a wooden stake to drive it into the ground. If your guests are going to enter through a door, you can place the Beware of Pirates Door Cover over the door as well. If you have used the door cover somewhere else, or want a slightly different idea, get the Beware of Pirates Party Tape. To decorate the door (could be to a fence or home entrance) you can either cut different strips of the party tape, or wrap the tape around the door at different angles. If your guests are just going straight to the yard or porch, hang up the Beware of Pirates Sign Banner.

Beware of Pirates Yard Sign

This sign banner is made from an all-weather poly material so it can be outside at all times. Each corner has a grommet to make it easier to hang; cut two to four pieces of thick string or rope, tie it to the grommets and then hang it from a banister or two posts. Another option would be if you have some hooks on a wall, posts or banister for you to slip the grommets over. Next, you can either use the Jolly Roger Pennant Banner or the Beware of Pirates Giant Pennant Banner in many different ways to decorate your area. One option would be to hang it across a fence for as far as you would like. Or if you have an overhead covering, you can hang it from one end to the other of the covering. Another possibility would be to hang it from a gutter or porch roof and angle it towards the ground.

Beware of Pirates Party Tape

This idea would work best with the Jolly Roger banner because the pennants are smaller, so if you pull the banner taught the pennants will still show the skull & crossbones. For an authentic touch to your decoration outside, hang up the Weathered Pirate Flag. It would be best if you had a flag pole to hang this on so that when there was a breeze the skulls & crossbones would show, along with the edge of the flag that makes the flag look old and battered. If you do not have a flag pole, you can purchase a cheap large dowel rod, slip it trough the pouch on the left side and place the dowel rod in the ground or a pot with soil. In case you do not have the time or do not want to spend that extra bit of money, you can cut open the closed end of the pouch, thread large string or rope through the pouch and let it hang vertically from a covering or banister.

How to Decorate a Pirate Themed Table

Everyone knows pirates love to drink on or offshore, but they also love to eat. So if you plan on serving your guests food, you need to have a place for them to eat and need it to be fit for a pirate. When it comes to covering the table, a must have is the Treasure Map Tablecover. This tablecover is made of a lightweight plastic and will keep your table clean and your guests entertained. This tablecover has a treasure map pattern printed on it; landmasses and bodies of water with ships along the bottom, skulls and serpent accents. Even though this is meant to be a tablecover, you can hang it on the wall for a large map and decoration. If you opt with this, you can use any tablecover that suits you such as the Red & White Stripes Tablecover or a solid color. To replace the treasure map tablecover, you can use multiple Plastic Treasure Maps as place settings. Kids and adults alike will enjoy looking at these maps and plotting their escape to find the treasure.

Outdoor Pirate Decorations

As for the rest of the table, you can either leave it plain or go all out. If you really want to go above and beyond start off by choosing a centerpiece for the table. This can be anything pirate or sea related, whatever suits you best. If you have something sentimental go ahead and use that, or if you have a small old treasure-chest-looking box, use that. Open the lid to your box and fill it with Treasure Loot or chocolate coins. After you have sorted through all of your boxes at home and do not find one you like, we offer Pirate Treasure Chests that are easy to set up: all you have to do is fold them and they are good to go. Fill them with whatever you like and on the back there is a section to write a name, so you write down your pirate name. You can then surround the treasure chests with Plastic Gold Bar Decorations. Your guests will get excited when they see all of this treasure, so make sure you guard it or else they might take it home.

Another way to decorate your table in a more kid-friendly way is to use the Pirate Treasure Centerpiece or the Pirate Pop-Over Centerpiece. Kids will love both of these and have so much fun looking at the cool designs. On the treasure centerpiece, there is a graphic of a treasure chest full of pirate’s treasure on the beach and coming out of the top is silver and black bursts with coins attached to the bottom row of bursts. The pop-over centerpiece has a graphic of a pirate ship firing cannon balls out of the ship right at you! Once you choose your centerpiece you can place it in the center of your table, or you can get two and place one at either end. To decorate around the centerpiece, you have many options. The first would be to use Fish Netting , in which ever color you find the most attractive. Place the netting in the center and bunch it around the centerpiece. You could also add the Pirate Playmates, which are only about five and a half inches tall so they won’t take away from your other decorations.

Pirate Table Centerpiece

A fun and easy way to add more pirate spirit to your table would be to sprinkle Fanci-Fetti Skull & Crossbones throughout the center or even all over the table if you want. An alternative, or addition, to the confetti would be to have treasure loot spread throughout your table. If you plan on displaying photos or having balloons at your party, place some photo/balloon holders on your table. The Pile of Skulls, Ship’s Helm and Treasure Chest are perfect for a pirate party. To make sure everyone gets a seat, you can map out where you want your guests to sit and mark their seats with the Pirate Cannon Place Cards. These cards are printed both front and back and have a designated area on the front for you to write your guest’s name. Place one of these at each of your guests’ seats and it will be something they can take home after to always remember your party.

All that is left for the table is the tableware. You can always use your nice dinnerware or regular white paper plates, but if you want to keep the pirate theme going, we offer different pirate themed tableware sets. If you are having a children’s party you should take a look at the Kid Pirate Party tableware and the Pirate Treasure map tableware. These are the most kid friendly of the tableware sets and the children will love the friendly skulls and have fun with the treasure map. If there are adults at your party and you want them to have something more sophisticated (as sophisticated as a pirate can be) use the Pirate Skull tableware. This set features a black and red edged print with a skull and crossed swords graphic.

Pirate Food Picks

It has a more serious pirate feel compared to the others which are targeted for children. If you want a different style of cup, you can get a plastic cup that suits your taste. You could give each guest a Plastic Pirate Skull Goblet, Plastic Pirate Mug, or Assorted Mini Skull Mugs. Of course these are not authentic pirate goblets, but your guests will feel even more like a pirate when they drink from one of these. When it comes to decorating the food for your guests, you have complete artistic freedom, but if you have finger foods or fruit in your drinks use the Pirate Flag Picks and Plastic Sword Picks for an extra little touch.

Extra Pirate Decorations that Will Make Your Party a Hit

One accessory that is a must have at your pirate party outdoors is the Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler and if you are lucky enough to have access to a pool, use the Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler. Of course, both of these can be used indoors as well and are reusable. The treasure chest hold approximately (48) 12 ounce cans and ice, while the pirate ship holds (72) 12 ounce cans and ice. The best part about the ship is that it will float on water, even when it is filled with the drinks. Another great inflatable is the Inflatable Pirate Sword. It blows up to 30 inches in length and is perfect for kids, and adults, if they want to have a pirate fight but you do not want them to get hurt. If you trust your guests and feel as though they can handle themselves, get them the Plastic Pirate Cutlass. Designate an area for your guests to have sword fights so as not to break anything valuable like the bottles of rum. Another great activity is the Cardboard Treasure Chest Craft Kit. Set up a table (or clear the one you used for eating) for this activity.

Treasure Chest Cooler

This kit will allow each guest to make their very own treasure chest to take home all of their finds from the party. One last decoration that will be sure to make your pirate party a hit is a piñata. The piñata can be anything you want pirate related such as a Pirate Ship Pinata, Pirate Flag Pinata, Parrot Pinata, or a Treasure Chest Pinata. Fill these with chocolate coins so your guests can whack open the piñata for edible treasure, or if it is too warm out fill the piñata with treasure loot. Have the Assorted Mini Metal Pirate Buckets ready for your guests to fill up with the discovered pirate treasure. Hang this in the same area you designated for sword fighting, to avoid breaking anything.

Avast! Your pirate party is all decorated, you can throw on your boots and ruffled shirt, tip your pirate hat and gather you talking parrot, because a hoard of pirates are about to take over. It is your choice to join them…or run because they won’t stop until you are out of rum or treasure. We hope you have as much fun planning and decorating for your pirate theme party as much as your guests will enjoy attending it.

How to Decorate for a Pirate Party