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How to Decorate for a Nautical Theme Party

Do you need a little help in coming up with some ideas as to how to decorate for a nautical theme party? Then you have come to the right place. Hopefully after seeing seeing some of these nautical theme products you will get an idea of how you can incorporate them into your own nautical theme event and create a fun and unique party that you guests will be talking about for a long time.

Nautical Centerpiece

What is a Nautical Theme Party?

This may not be as obvious of an answer as you may think. A nautical theme party can mean different things to different people, especially if you are going to be throwing a nautical theme party. The word "nautical" is technically derived from the Latin word nauticus which means "ship sailor". Also closely related to the word "nautical" are naval, seafaring, seasmanship, maritime, marine, and navigation. All of these terms put together make up the Nautical party theme and the main characteristic is that they all have to deal with operating a boat. The great thing for you is that you don't need to know your port from starboard (sailor speak for 'left' and 'right') to decorate for a nautical theme party. Just combine our boat decorations in the manner that suits your party theme the best. Below are some of our most popular combinations of nautical party decorations.

Start by decorate with bright primary colors to give your nautical theme party the look of official nautical flags. These flags are used to signal between ships information or to send a distress call. The colors are very simple and most likely you already have some existing solid color decorations that you will be able to mix in to save money. We suggest the Nautical Flag Whirls and the Nautical Flag Centerpiece to set the mood for your nautical theme. The great thing about using a Nautical specific centerpiece is that you can then add solid color decorations like red plates, yellow utensils, blue cups and it looks like they are also nautical.

The primary colors carry over to one of the most recognizable nautical decorations of all, the nautical ships anchor. This large, but lightweight, plastic anchor is available in a solid gray or an assorted primary color option. Select the gray ship anchor if you are only going to use one anchor in your nautical decorating, and select the assorted color anchors if you would like to decorate your nautical party with many anchors. The assorted color anchors add a lot of color to your room and they would also match the bright color ships anchor garland. How to decorate for a nautical theme party really is decided by the reason for your party. If you are throwing a nautical bash for someone who is leaving on a cruise, you can decorate your entire entire wall with a Cruise Ship deck backdrop. The Cruise party theme is appropriate for people who are actually going on a cruise, or for someone who is going on a symbolic cruise like a retirement or graduation.

Sailor Theme Decorations

Pirates, Firemen, Princess. What do they all have in common? They are fun to dress up as an play pretend with. Dressing up as a sailor is just as much fun and is a great way to get your guests into the Nautical theme party spirit. You don't have to spend a lot with our cheap white sailor hats and Captain's hats, you can give all of your guests a nautical theme party favor to wear at your party, and give them something to remember your party with.

Captain's Hat

Some of the most iconic and popular nautical decorations are the ships helm (that steering wheel thing) and the round life preserver decoration. This nautical decorations along with multi-color pennant flags and decorative fish netting will instantly transform you room into a ship deck. Hang up some nautical cutouts on your doors and walls and your party is set to sail.

Nautical Party Theme Ideas

Are you looking for a unique party theme for a birthday party, or just want an excuse to get the crew together for a party? A nautical theme party may be just what you need to make it through that dry spell before the next holiday party. We have had customers use nautical decorations for all sorts of parties, even nautical theme weddings! As you look through all of our nautical decorations you may also get the idea to turn it into an Under The Sea party. With lobsters and crab decorations, and fish cutouts, you can decorate your room to look like a giant human-sized aquarium. There is a group of products that when put together will turn your wall into an Underwater Insta-Theme which is the ultimate underwater party decoration since it can cover a wall up to eight feet tall.

Most Popular Nautical Theme Party Decorations

If your are going to decorate for a nautical theme party, we would like to suggest the following top ten nautical decorations. Decorating is super easy when you use these iconic nautical decorations:

1. Ships Anchor - a classic nautical decoration, or in bright colors.
2. Maritime Nautical Cutouts - This pack of four includes a lighthouse and seagulls.
3. Anchor Garland - These tissue anchors won't weigh you down. HA!
4. Plastic Lobster - Great for nautical theme parties and lobster boil events
5. Lobster Glasses - Toast your friends with these Nautical theme goblets
6. Life Preserver Decoration - They look real preservers hanging on the wall
7. Plastic Ships Helm - It looks like a wooden ships steering wheel
8. Giant Marlin Prop - Show of the catch of the day on your wall with a six foot marlin!
9. White Sailor Hat - If it was good enough for Gillian it's good enough for you.
10. Decorative Fish Netting - The most important Nautical decoration for last. The decorative fishing nets are available in six different colors and can be used as hanging decorations or drape them over a table for an instant nautical theme.