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How to Decorate for a Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras Cutout

Beads, Masks, and Crazy Costumes

Gather all your friends, family, and co-workers and throw one huge Mardi Gras Party! This year's Mardi Gras will be the best one yet for sure! Some start the party the weekend before Mardi Gras, and party up until Lent. At your Mardi Gras party you must have beads, lots, and lots of beads. You must have masks, and you must have crazy costumes.

Decorate Your Tables for Mardi Gras

Begin by decorating your tables; cover them in the Mardi Gras Plastic Tablecover. We have Mardi Gras Lunch Plates, Mardi Gras Dessert Plates, Mardi Gras Lunch Napkins, and Mardi Gras Beverage Napkins. Use the Printed Mardi Gras Table Runner as an added accent to your Mardi Gras Plastic Tablecover. If you need cups we have the Mardi Gras Plastic Tumblers, and the Mardi Gras Plastic Cups. We also have a solid Gold Hot/Cold Cups, or a solid Green Hot/Cold Cups.

Mardi Gras Centerpieces

Now you may want to begin thinking about how you want to decorate your tables. You can begin by taking a look at the Mardi Gras Centerpiece; it has cute comedy/tragedy characters with a purple fabric ruffle around the outside. Next is the Mardi Gras Cascade Centerpiece, the Mardi Gras Pop-Over Centerpiece, and the Gold 3-D Prismatic Star Centerpiece. Sprinkle some Mardi Gras Fleur De Lis Fanci-Fetti around your centerpiece to decorate your tables for fun and festive Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Beads

You could even use beads as part of a centerpiece. That's not all! You can use the beads and hand them out to your guests as party favors, or give them beads to toss. We have a gigantic selection of Mardi Gras beads. First take a look at the Mardi Gras Booty, the Alligator Mardi Gras Beads, the Purple Beads with Mardi Gras Confetti Horn, the Green, Gold, and Purple Musical Instrument Beads, the Mardi Gras Swirl Beads, the Mardi Gras Beads with Gator Medallion, the Gold, Green, and Purple Mardi Gras Mask Beads, the Mardi Gras Beads with Shot Glass, the Braided Beads with Assorted Mime Medallion, the Mardi Gras Jester Beads with Jester Medallion, the Green Beads with Bead Babe Medallion, the Braided Beads with Comedy and Tragedy Medallions, the Mardi Gras Beads Choker/Bracelet Set, the Mardi Gras Beads with Mask Medallion, the Mask with Tassel Beads. Then of course you will need a Mardi Gras Bead Catcher to catch all these beads. See we really weren’t kidding. We really do have a huge selection of Mardi Gras beads. That’s not all the beads we have either. Take a look at the Mardi Gras Beads category for our complete list of Mardi Gras beads.

Mardi Gras Wall Decorations

Then you can decorate your walls. You can use the Mardi Gras Harlequin Backdrop, or the Mardi Gras Insta-Theme. You’ll want to take a look at the Mardi Gras Street Signs, the Embossed Fleur De Lis Silhouette, the Mini Comedy and Tragedy Cutouts, the Masquerade Mime Cutouts, the Jointed Mardi Gras Jester, the Jazz Trio Silhouettes, the Jointed Royal King and Queen, Gold Plastic Comedy and Tragedy Faces, the Mardi Gras Insta-View, Jointed Mardi Gras Mime, Metallic Mardi Gras Banner, and the Mardi Gras Cutouts.

Mardi Gras Hanging Decorations

Here are a few of our Mardi Gras hanging decorations like the Mardi Gras Whirls, Large Mardi Gras Sign Banner, the Mardi Gras 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier, Mardi Gras 3-D Sky Scape, Mardi Gras Fan-Burst, Comedy/Tragedy Face Cascade, Mardi Gras Shimmering Spiral, Mardi Gras Cascade Hanging Column, Mardi Gras Cascade Fountain, Fleur De Lis Whirls, Mardi Gras Firework Stringer, Mardi Gras Fabric Bunting, Mardi Gras Pennant Banner, Green, Gold, and Purple Gleam N Column, Green, Gold and Purple Twirly Whirlys, and the Green and Gold Twirly Whirlys.

Wearable Mardi Gras Accessories

Decorate yourself for Mardi Gras with the Mardi Gras Suspenders, Mardi Gras Feather Fan, Plush Floppy Jester Hat, Jumbo Mardi Gras Glitz N Gleam Bow Tie, Mardi Gras Jester Headband, It’s All About the Beads Button, the Purple Adult King/Queen Robe, the Sequin Jester Hat, the Mardi Gras Glittered Top Hat, the Mardi Gras Feather Hat, the Plush Jester Hat, the Mardi Gras Jester Set, the Plastic Mardi Gras Bead Babe Vest, the Mardi Gras Dura-Form Vel-Felt Top Hat, Mardi Gras Plastic Topper Hat, Mardi Gras Vel-Felt Fedora, Mardi Gras Feathered Bikini Top, Mardi Gras High Hat, the Lamp Shade Hat, the Mardi Gras Headband and Necktie Set.

Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras Mask

Buy a mask and cover your face for your Mardi Gras Party. Then no one will know you. Take a look at the Classic Assorted Fanci-Feather Masks, the Metallic Sun, Moon, and Star Masks, the Mardi Gras Metallic Half Mask, the Mardi Gras Masks, the Ultimate Fanci-Feather Mask, and the Majestic Fanci-Feather Mask.

Go Gather Up Some Mardi Gras Beads

Once you've chosen your decorations for your Mardi Gras Party, and thrown your own party. Get your Bead Babe Satin Sash, and your Mardi Gras Bead Catcher, and wear your Green Beads with Bead Babe Medallion. Run on down to New Orleans and get ready for Mardi Gras! May this years Mardi Gras Party be the best ever!