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How to Decorate for a Hollywood Theme Party

Deep down, everyone really feels like they are a Star. So why not help them indulge that fantasy by inviting them to a Hollywood Theme party where everyone gets to walk down the Red Carpet. We have put together this picture and article to help you figure out how you can decorate for a Hollywood theme party for a birthday, a retirement, a school function, or a company awards banquet. Decorating for a Hollywood party isn't hard when you have the right decorations.

Hollywood Decoration Ideas

Hollywood Party Invitations

Before you can set the stage you have to invite your guests. This is the very first chance you get to set the theme of the party and get everyone in the Hollywood state of mind. We have several different types of Hollywood theme invitations and by far the most popular are the Awards Night Invitations and the Hollywood Lights Invitations. Both of these packages include 8 Hollywood themed invitations that are perfect for an Awards night party, or just getting your friends together for a Movie night event. If you want to try a very unique and upscale Hollywood party invitation send out personalized VIP Party Passes which you can write on and make your guests use as their entrance credentials to your party. This will help to keep out the paparazzi at your next Hollywood theme event.

Hollywood Style Entrance

Probably the most commonly recognized symbol of a Hollywood party event are the pictures taken on the red carpet behind the red ropes to keep back all of the non-invited people. You can have fun and recreate this scene with the red carpet runner and the red rope stanchion set. If you are looking for a cheaper red velvet rope decoration pick up the Red Rope Prop which looks like you have lined your hallways with red ropes. Of course you will also need a Hollywood yard sign to let everyone know where to park their limos. Finally, hang up the VIP Entrance Sign over your entrance way to let your guests know they have arrived.

Hollywood Awards Night Backdrop

Hollywood Party Decorations

When you are a Hollywood star you expect everything to be gold. So when in doubt, add more gold! Gold stars, gold curtains, and gold plates to eat off of. Decorate your table tops with black top hats and black canes if you are going for the classic black and white retro Hollywood theme or pick up a bunch of Hollywood Walk of Fame stars that you can use to personalize with the names of your guests to help them get the recognition they think they deserve. In fact, let your guests know how much you think of them by giving them their own VIP seating, in the bathroom! Decorating for a Hollywood theme party isn't difficult as long as your remember the three basic rules of Hollywood parties, You can never have too much gold, everyone wants their picture taken on the red carpet, and everyone walks away at the end of the night with their own gold statue.