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How to Decorate for a Circus Party : Clowns, Lions and Confetti Oh my!

Nothing screams “party” like a circus. With all the fantastic colors and animated characters, a circus-themed party is a sure-fire success. This theme is easy to decorate for because it has strong colors that characterize it - red and white - and a pattern that is easily called to memory - stripes. Although specific decorations are always enjoyable and will be sure to make your party a memorable affair for anyone involved, it is very simple to set the circus tone with just colors and patterns.

Since the color palette is easy to decorate with, here are few hanging decoration, prop and accessory ideas for your circus-themed party!

Circus Party Supplies

Hanging Decorations and Backdrops

Circus Sign Banner

-Welcome your guests to the party with a Circus Welcome Banner that measures 5 ft. long and would look great at the entrance of your home or venue.

-A Birthday Party Canopy is a perfect match for a circus party. Tents and canopies are often part of the circus production, so why not make them part of your party?

- Balloon Whirls and Circus Whirls were made for a carnival festivity. Don’t be afraid to hang a lot of these from the ceiling or doorway!

-If you’re throwing a circus party, we’re assuming you aren’t afraid of clowns. So, there might as well be tons of them at your party! Start with a jointed clown that can be hung on any wall or door and stands 30 in. tall.

- Red & White Striped Pennant Banners can add one more special touch to your carnival extravaganza. Each banner measures 12 ft. long and is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

-A Balloons and Confetti Backdrop could complete your colorful and festive circus scene


- Circus props are some of the most playful decorations. Starting with basic circus cutouts is always a good idea, and kids love the silly characters and designs!

- Circus Photo Props are an awesome way to let the kids or adults transform into circus performers, and they will make for a hilarious photo. Strongman and tightrope performers are among the circus people represented in our photo prop selection.

- Let your party take flight with Tissue Hot Air Balloons. These can be a large as 41 inches tall, and they can turn the dullest corner of the room into a spectacle.

- Lastly, Inflatable Circus Animals will keep kids smiling and laughing. They also make for great companions in pictures!

Rainbow Clown Wig

- You may want to have some wearable items at your circus party, and the simplest and easiest wearable items would be foam animal masks and foam clown noses.

- Add a rainbow clown wig to your foam clown nose and you’re practically part of the circus!

- Finally, makeup crayons are a great alternative to messy face paint and a fun party activity for adults and kids!


- Every circus is fun and entertaining so make sure you keep your guests moving. Have different games for all the kids to play. Once they win or complete a game they will get a White Ticket. Have a board with different prices on it and the amount of tickets it “costs”. This is a great way to give out party favors and keep kids entertained throughout the whole party! Check out our Party Favors section under our Party Supplies tab.

-Another fun activity that you could do at the beginning of the party is to Decorate Your Own Clown Hat. Every kid will love to be goofy and entertaining like a real clown. So make them feel like a real clown with their own decorated clown hat.

- We also have Animal Modeling Balloons that the aspiring clowns can learn how to twist and turn the balloons into creative little creatures.


- Serve the authentic circus food at your event. Popcorn, snow cones, corn dogs, hot dogs, and cake. Use our Popcorn Bags to serve the buttery hot popcorn!

- For the cake, make balls that are easily for your little mouths to eat. But make them look like weights for the strongest man alive. Just use a skewer to links the weights together. (Image from Kara's Party Ideas Blog)

- Soft pretzels. They are another great food to provide at this type of effect. You can either make them yourself (packages sold in most grocery stores) or order a platter from a nearby pretzel shop.

- When you say this next food item, be prepared for applause, screaming and begging. Ready? Cotton candy! Click here to see how to make homemade cotton candy!

- In terms of drinks, have water, lemonade and fruit punch available for the attendees.


We know you’ll plan an amazing circus party, and we want to see it! If you have any pictures of your party planning skills in action, share them with us on Facebook at