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How to Decorate for a 50's Rock and Roll Party

Slip a coin in the Jukebox, select your favorite groovy tune and get ready to party with a 50’s Rock N Roll Theme Party. We have just the hip decorations to get you started. Roll out the Pink Carpet Runner for your floor. Then set the scene by decorating your wall with the 50's Soda Shop Insta-Theme. Begin by hanging the 50's Soda Shop Backdrop, and the Black and White Checkered Backdrop. Then you can add the Soda Shop Signs and Jukebox Props, and the Soda Shop Tables and Stools Props on top the backdrops. You can hang the Drive-In Insta-View on the wall too. There’s even a Fabulous 50’s Door Cover you can place on your door to blow the top off your party.

Jukebox Cutouts

Now that your walls are covered you can focus on hanging items from your ceiling like the Rock and Roll Ceiling Decoration, the Rock and Roll Whirls, the Musical Notes Whirls, the Rock and Roll Record Whirls, the Rock and Roll Shimmering Spiral, the Rock and Roll Cascade Hanging Column. Begin decorating your tables by covering them with the Rock and Roll Classics Paper Tablecover. You can use the Printed 50’s Table Runner across your tables, and use the Jukebox Photo/Balloon Holder to hold down some Musical Note Latex Balloons. Use the adorable 50’s Playmates around your guest tables or food tables. Then protect your tables with the Rock and Roll Record Coasters. You can also use the Tissue Ice Cream Sundae, the Rock & Roll Juke Box Centerpiece, the Juke Box Centerpiece, the Jukebox Pop-Over Centerpiece, and the Multicolor Musical Notes Gleam N Spray Centerpiece at the center of your tables.

Give your guests something to do by buying the Car Hop/Greaser Photo Prop. The front of the photo prop has a car hop and the back of the photo prop has a greaser. Take some pictures. Then you can give the pictures to your guests as a party favor. You can also use the Pink Convertible Photo Prop too!

We have quite a few items that you can hang on your wall as added decoration for your 50’s theme party. Try taking a look at the Jointed Rock and Roll Pull Down Cutout, the Juke Box Cutout, the Rock and Roll Juke Box Cutout. Look how groovy the Jointed Greaser is with his hair slicked back as he gives you thumbs up sign. And the Jointed Carhop is balancing a tray full of food, with blond hair, while riding on her roller skates. Next take a look at the Rock and Roll Cutouts, the 50’s Party Sock Hop Cutouts. You can hang up the Rock and Roll Street Sign Cutouts. You can even use the Neon Food Sign Cutouts by hanging them above specific spots directing your guests where to get food like popcorn, candy, drinks, and hot dogs.

You might be looking for something to hold your soda in. If so, we have some super Plastic Neon Soda Glasses. These bright neon color glasses hold eight ounces of liquid, and are sold individually. They are great!

One of our most popular items in the 50’s Rock N Roll Theme Party is the plastic record. And boy, do we have a variety. We have Plastic Records, which come three to a package, and there are an assortment of song titles printed on the labels already for you. Then we have the same type of Plastic Records, only these are Customizable Plastic Records. The labels are blank except for the words Rock & Roll, where you can write someone’s name in the blank space or you can write a song title. It is entirely up to you!

Then we have a Plastic Record, this one measures nineteen inches and is great for hanging from the ceiling or hanging on the wall. We have a Customizable Plastic Record Centerpiece and a Plastic Record Centerpiece, where the song titles are already printed on the label for you. We even have gold versions of plastic records. The first set you’ll receive three plastic records, and the labels are blank where you can write your guest’s name or a title of a song. We also have a Gold Plastic Record Centerpiece, or a Gold Plastic Record.

From Plastic Records to Plastic Neon Soda Glasses we have everything you need to throw a fantastic 50’s Rock and Roll theme party. Grab some blue suede shoes and a classic poodle skirt and boogie the night away!

Drive In Background