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Hollywood Prom Theme

Itís that time of year again! Break out the red carpet and let the juniors and seniors enjoy their time in the limelight! A Hollywood Prom theme will be a memorable event for those that attend. Quality decorations will make your Prom look located in central Los Angeles. PartyCheap has an extensive selection of Hollywood party decorations, so what are you waiting for?

Letís start with the Red Carpet Runner. Itís an obvious must because is it really a Hollywood Prom if there isnít a red carpet? You will want to have the red carpet run from outside of the location, all the way into the main room, likely where the dance floor will be. It comes in at 15 feet long, so you may need more than one to complete the job. It has double-sided tape attached to the backside, which will help keep the runner in place. And even with the heavy traffic, itís not going anywhere!

The motion picture center of the world is synonymous with stars, right? You bet! Not only for their stars that live there, but the iconic stars on the ground! Order a bunch of the Star Peel N Place Decals to give the attendees their own star. The product looks great and will give each guest their own special, unique star! It really looks as if it werenít a sticker, but more so as if it were embedded in granite! It comes blank, but withStar Peel N Place Decal the help of a permanent marker, you can write your name on your star. Try picking a wall within your location and cover it with these stars. Have plenty of permanent markers near that area and watch the guests flock to the ďstar wallĒ to sign one, making it their own. Or, for another Hollywood Prom idea, try selling them alongside the tickets for extra fundraising and incentive!

The Starry Night Backdrop will make a great background look for a photo station at the Prom. There is another great Prom theme idea for you! Since youíll likely have someone there taking photos, keep someone to take still shots of the guests in front of these backdrop. Each package contains one backdrop measuring four feet tall by 30 feet long! Itís made of a thin plastic that can easily be cut to fit your specific needs. Since itís so light, it can easily attach to the walls with double-sided tape or thumbtacks. If this backdrop isnít your cup of tea, click here to browse through all the backdrops we currently offer at PartyCheap.

Sticking with photos, set up the Awards Night Photo Prop for the guests to have their friends take his/her picture in. There is a side for males and a side for females, so you wonít need to worry about buying two props. Guests can stick their faces in the cutout and the photo will look as if he/she is placing their hands in the cement, embedding their handprints in Hollywood forever. The photo prop is made of cardstock material, so it is plenty durable to withstand the ample amount of faces it will hold.

A great product to hang all throughout the location are the Light-Up Paper Lanterns. Each package contains three lanterns, two are black with stars while the other is gold with white stars. To light up, the lanterns require Light-Up Paper Lanternstwo AAA-batteries. However, they are not included in the package. Each lanterns measures eight inches wide by nine inches tall, and there is a hook attached to the lantern for easy hanging. You canít go wrong with these lanterns!

When it comes to Hollywood Prom themes, there are a few different routes you can take. Whichever way you choose to go, PartyCheap has plenty of decorations at a great price to help you out. If you want to see some pictures as well as some more ideas for a Hollywood Prom, click here. This type of theme is sure to be a hit among your guests, and a night in the spotlight is much deserved for those juniors and seniors who will be attending. Click the green button below to check out all the Hollywood decorations PartyCheap has to offer!