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High School Graduation Party Supplies & Ideas:
Set the Perfect Table

One of the first major accomplishments in a person’s life is graduating from high school. Most likely, you will be throwing your graduate a party for friends and family to enjoy. This party may even be a joint celebration among your child and his or her friends. Whatever the case, graduation party supplies and the graduation theme offer many options for making the last big blowout celebration before entering into a new phase of life one that is memorable and special.

Graduation Party Supplies and Decorations

Many graduation parties are thrown outside in backyards or poolside. Nature already adds a decorative atmosphere for the bash, so that leaves you time and energy to focus on utilizing tableware and table decorations.

First, you’ll want to start with a table cover that gives your outdoor party an elegant feel. This table cover could be in a solid hue to match your graduate’s school colors, or it could feature patterned caps and gowns.

You can then build your picturesque table from the perfect centerpiece. Cascading graduation caps are the most popular centerpiece option, and depending on how big of an impact you want the centerpiece to have on your table, these can range in sizes. Another centerpiece option includes female and male cardstock graduates -- complete with cap, gown and diploma.

What other fun and themed graduation party decorations can you put on your table? Well, confetti is something every celebration table should have. Confetti isn’t just for blasting out of cannons; it can also be the simplest and cheapest table dressing you will find. Mixing graduation cap confetti and “Congrats!” confetti will set the perfect balance. Confetti can also be customized to your graduate’s school colors.

Another special item you may consider adding to your party table is a Congrats Grad Card Box and “Happy Graduation” note paper. If friends or family have any congratulatory messages or well-wishes to give the graduate, they can write the notes and slip them in the card box for him or her to read later. These notes will be a reminder of a wonderful night with loved ones.

Finally, if you don’t want to use “Happy Graduation” tableware or other generic table settings, you can customize your graduation party tableware by choosing your graduate’s high-school colors or prospective college colors. Choosing your graduate’s future college colors is a great way to fuse the past with the future and celebrate what is to come! College colors can also be used for confetti and table covers.

However, you choose to decorate your graduation table, we can help! Browse our graduation party supplies section for the best deals in party supplies.