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Hey Soccer Nation - Cheer On Your Team This 2014 World Cup Season!

Soccer Party Supplies

Cheap World Cup Ideas

OLE, OLE!! Join in the iconic soccer cheer when your favorite team scores and shout GOALLL as long as you can (just try not to turn blue). No matter if it was a beautiful upper 90 shot or a volley off of a goalie rebound, make some noise for your team! What do all world cup fans have in common? They are loud and whatís the best way to unleash your world cup beast? Our Stadium Horns will do the job! Hand out a horn, noisemaker and Party Beads to each guest before the match begins. Then fans can then use these soccer party favors for the upcoming games in the tournament!

Make sure you score with your World Cup decorations at your big party and transform your venue into true soccer stadium with the help of our Stadium Insta-Theme. This backdrop is an easy way to add the whole fan section to your party. Start by taping or taking the Lower Deck Stadium Backdrop around the room. Then place the Upper Deck Stadium Backdrop above the lower deck. Donít forget to add some of the Soccer Props such as goals, corner flags, score board and soccer ball. Place the goal in the middle of your lower deck and the scoreboard right above on the upper deck backdrop. By using the insta-theme it is a cheap way to add huge personality and world cup decorations to your venue.

Donít forget to make sure your TV is on the right channel to watch your favorite player bicycle kick the winning goal! Add some more decorations to the party like Cutouts and Whirls. Add action shots of Soccer Players and Soccer Ball Cutouts to accent the stadium atmosphere. We also have Soccer Ball Whirls that will look great hanging from your ceiling. Make sure none of your guests try to head the little balls hanging from the ceiling.

Go beyond the traditional cutouts and hanging decorations and create your own decorations like a soccer ball paper lantern. Like a soccer ball paper lantern. Use our White Paper Lanterns as the base for the ball. Cut out the black pieces in construction paper. Glue the little sections to the paper lantern. Let it dry and then hang these from the ceiling at alternating lengths.

International Party Decorations

International Team Decorations

No matter what team you are cheering for we have the futbol decorations for you. Choose from the popular teams like Brazil and USA, along with Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Italy, England, and Portugal. All of these countries live for this passionate game.

Use your favorite teamís colors to accent your Soccer Decorations. For example, if you are a true fan of Brazil use their Yellow, Green and Blue colors to dominate the party. Take a look at this crafty idea from Paisley Party Events by using a Green Grass Mat every seat and turn it into mini soccer field by adding some white tape that look like the penalty box and goal on each end.

Then place a Large Blue or Green Plate down first. Finish it off by placing the Brazil Soccer Plate on top. Use our Soccer Cups and Brazil Lunch Napkins to accent the tableware. Each guest will love to see their own pitch at their seat. All of these party supplies can be be found under the Sport, Soccer sections.

Soccer Place Mats

Half Time Snacks!

Food is the most important part of any party especially when you are hosting hungry athletes. Place a Football Stadium Tray on every table and multiple by the TV. The stadium should be filled with food instead of guests. It will perfectly hold chips, fruit, crackers, cheese and other finger food that the guests will love. For some fun soccer party treats, check out these soccer ball chocolate lollipops. Every guest will love to take a big bite out of the sweet tasty treat. Or make some delicious chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla icing - add Soccer Ball Food Picks to each cupcake as a topper.

Soccer Lollipops

World Soccer Table Decorations

The field is a very important part of a football game. It canít have holes and the grass canít be too thick. The same applies to your table decorations. You want your table to be filled with decorations but not over stuffed. In order to have a well-balanced table start with solid color tablecovers.

For some personalized decorations, make jersey place cards. Start by cutting out jersey shapes that can stand up on their own. Write their last name where the name goes on a normal jersey then add a number underneath. These little jerseys can also be party favors that the guests can take home with them.

The MVP of table decorations is the centerpiece. Have a favorite team? Choose a centerpiece of your favorite international soccer team or stick with the regular soccer motif with soccer ball table centerpieces. Line them down your party table and accent with more soccer party decorations. If youíre rooting for multiple teams, place the respective teamís table centerpiece with the matching table setting.

Once you set up the centerpiece in the middle, lay a stadium horn of either side. Then scatter some confetti and party beads down the rest of the table. Use the Soccer Ball Photo/Balloon Holder at each end of the table. Tie the appropriate color balloons for each teams table. So if you are using Brazil; you would tie yellow, green and blue balloons to the holder.

Have fun cheering your team onto victory and enjoy the time with your friends and family!