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Harry Potter Table Decorations

Additional Items:

  • Black Paint
  • Gold Puffy Paint
  • Card stock
  • Black Marker
  • Tape
  • Cotton Balls
  • Electronic Tea Light
  • Cups

How To:

To make this Harry Potter table decoration, start out by setting up your table and the backdrop. Hang up the Stone Wall Backdrop behind the table you're planning to use with some packaging tape. Then place the Black Rectangular Tablecover over top of your table. Drape the Spooky Cloth over the Black Tablecover for a creepy effect. Next, get out the Gold Custom Banner Kit. Punch out the letters that spell "Hogwarts" and use the gold pins provided in the package to put together the banner. Hang it up on the backdrop with some tape. Now you're ready to start decorating the table. Take the Black Plastic Cauldron and fill it with cotton balls to make it look like there is something bubbling out of it. Take one of the two Glittered Spiders and place it on top of the cauldron. Sit it on the right hand side of the table. Then flip the switch on an electronic tea light to on and place it in the Cauldron Tea Light Holder. Place it beside the bigger plastic cauldron. Take your other Glittered Spider and put him in front of your two cauldrons. Next, sit up the Deluxe Plush Witch Hat on the opposite side of the table. (Hint: You may have to put something inside the hat to make it stand up.) After that, take your two witch's brooms and paint them completely black.

Once they dry, write on the broom sticks in gold puffy paint, "Nimbus 2000" and place them in the middle of the table. When you're done with that, take a black cup and place in on the table in front of the brooms. Grab a piece of card stock and a black marker to create a sign for the cup that says "Wands". Get a few of our Gold New Year Party Wands and either place them upside down in the cup so that the New Year's decoration is not showing, or if they are too long, simply break them in half. A realistic looking alternative to this is to simply grab some sticks from your yard. Finally, it wouldn't be a Harry Potter party without a set of those famous glasses. Take our Hippie Fanci-Frames and punch out the pink lenses. Tape some scotch tape around the bridge of the glasses.