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Glow Party

A glow party is the perfect theme for your next party! Whether you are throwing it for a child or some of your old college friends, a glow in the dark party will be a lot of fun. Here at PartyCheap, we have plenty of products and ideas to help you throw a crazy, glowing night of fun! If you need some glow party ideas, continue on reading. For your party planning pleasure, there is going to be plenty of good ideas in the paragraphs to come.


Let’s face it, the young children are going to be fascinated by anything that glows in the dark. This may even be the first time they’ve ever seen anything glow in the dark in person. If so, you’ve hit the jackpot! The first Happy Birthday Glow Plateproduct you want to have for this type of party are the Happy Birthday Glow Plates. These plates are going to be a hit among the little ones at the party. Children love cake and food. They also love anything that glows in the dark. When you put them together, you have a dynamic combination that will surely captivate the children in attendance. The color on the plates will glow when exposed under blacklight!

This next product is good for an adult party too, but the Glow In The Dark Party Beads are also perfectly suited for a children’s party. It makes for the perfect glow in the dark party accessory! Expose these beads to some light for a few hours before the party, so that when the lights go out, the beads come on!


If you own a skating rink or bowling alley, adding a glow night would be a blast for your customers. If your son or daughter wants a party tied to one of these activities, you are going to need some glow party decorations. You are going to need some Happy Birthday Glow Hot/Cold Cups for this. Don’t worry, even though it says “happy birthday” in the description, it can also be used outside of birthday parties. Under plenty of black lights, these cups are going to look awesome. A cold beverage in this cup will cool you down after rolling three strikes in a row, while a hot beverage in this cup will warm you up after skating on the ice.

Can you have a real glow party if there aren’t some sort of party glow sticks around? Well, you’re in luck. Here at PartyCheap, we have Assorted Neon Glow Sticks that are perfect for any glow in the dark party or activity. Whether you’re one year old or 100, glow sticks are always going to be fascinating.


Flashing Ice CubesPerhaps you’re a college student looking to throw a groovy glow party, or perhaps you just want to entertain some guests one evening. This type of party is going to be a blast! Whether you’re enjoying your favorite cocktail or even just a glass of soda, brighten it up with some glow in the dark ice cubes! But where could you possibly get those? That’s right, right here at! We have glowing ice cubes in red, green, blue, purple and yellow. If you want something a little bit more over the top, the LED Multi-Color Flashing Ice Cubes seem to be right up your alley! It flashes multiple colors that will definitely be an attention getter.

If you need the perfect game for an adult glow party, it’s definitely pong. You can put the ice cubes in a clear cup so your opponent can see the cups better, or you can do that, as well as make the liquid glow. Don’t know how to do that? Click here to find out how!

As you can see, the glow party is truly a party that defies age barriers, to which other theme parties can potentially fall victim. Don’t kid yourself, seven years from now, however old you are, you’re still going to get a little bit excited when you see something glow in the dark. It brings out the inner kid in the older individuals, while the younger ones are just captivated by something glowing in the dark. Shop with us, because we’re and we know how to party!