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German Themed Party

If you’re of German heritage or in the spirit of OktoberFest, you need to throw a German themed party! For this,you can go two different routes, or merge the two for an essentially dual-themed celebration. The German flag is red, yellow and black, so you can choose to make those the only visible colors at the party. Another big event in Germany is Oktoberfest, so you could choose to incorporate aspects of that into your party. Whichever route you decide to go, put your all into it and don’t look back. Whether you’re German or wish you were—be proud of it!

The first thing you’ll want to get for this bash is the German Fabric Bunting. An ideal location for the bunting would be on your front porch because not only will it let people the party guests know that this is it, but it also proudly displays your heritage to your neighbors. Another ideal location for it would be draped off the sides of objects throughout your house. For example, it could drape off the sides off tables, pinned up to the wall or even hanging off the back of the couch! Each package includes one bunting that measures 70 inches in length. There is an adjustable drawstring at each end, allowing you to shrink the bunting at your discretion. This product is made of polyester and its versatility makes it a necessity at your German party.

Just because this product is small, don’t rule out its importance! The German Flag Picks are a wonderful addition to the presentation of the food table. It adds cute unity to your party! Stick a pick wherever there is an item that is considered a “finger food” or small in stature. Put a German flag pick into a traditional GermanGerman Flag Picks (50/pkg) recipe and you will receive a thumbs up in terms of food presentation. Each one is made of wooden toothpick with a paper German flag attached to it. Each package includes 50 picks standing 2.5 inches tall. Don’t overlook this product, because it will be a hit among your guests.

Those picks will look great in the food, but it will look even better when the food is sitting on a table covered by the German Tablecover. This party is all about the colors of the German flag, and this tablecover is no exception. It measures 54 inches by 108 inches, so it is plenty long to cover a standard table. Not only would this tri-colored product look great on the table, but you could also pin it up on the wall to color the walls with the look of the country flag. There is no doubt that it’s going to look great wherever you hang it, but it will also do its job in protecting the table from any mishaps or spills.

Once you look at the Inflatable Beer Stein Cooler, you will realize that your party needs this there. It’s an inflatable beer stein that can keep other beverages, like beer, ice cold! Oktoberfest is a large event in Germany and this cooler will bring a little bit of that to you event! The cooler measures 18 inches wide by 27 inches high and is capable of holding approximately 48 12-ounce cans. This German party decoration is Inflatable Beer Stein Coolersure to be a hit among your guests, as well as keeping all the beverages cold. Inflate the cooler, throw some ice and beverages in and you are good to go!

Your guests are going to want a keepsake from the party, so set up the Oktoberfest Photo Prop to keep them satisfied. Oktoberfest is a proud event of the German culture that deserves some spotlight at your party. This dual-sided prop will accommodate either gender, seeing as one side is for men and the other is for women. Just put your face in the cutout opening and have someone take your picture! The guests can take the photos home with them to hang up on their refrigerator. The photo prop is made from a cardstock material measuring 37 inches wide by 25 inches high.

Still looking for more German party ideas? You’re going to need food there, so it’s best to have some authentic German food at your party. Click here to see a bunch of different recipes you can implement at your shindig. Most importantly, just have fun! It’s time for you and other Germans to get together and celebrate your roots! Make sure everyone has safe and reliable transportation to and from the party. If someone has gotten too into the Oktoberfest spirit, if you know what I mean, make sure they don’t drive home. PartyCheap is here to help you with your decorations, so click the green “Shop Now” button to dive into all we have to offer!