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Gender Reveal Themed Baby Shower
Little Miss or Little Mister??

Gender Reveal parties are the new popular thing to do when expecting a little bundle of joy. There are endless amount of ways to reveal the gender to your family and friends!

Gender Reveal Team Stickers

Why a gender reveal party?

Gender reveal parties are super popular now for multiple reason. One, it allows all of your friends and family to find out at the same time. Two, the parents-to-be can see everyones expression when they reveal the gender. Three, it is a way to make this special event even more memorable with everyone at the party. All together this popular new trend is a fun way to get everyone you love together for this special moment!

Gender Reveal Team Decals

Gender Reveal Ideas

Be creative for the actual reveal. There are tons of different ways to reveal the gender. Here are a couple popular ideas:

  • Fill a box with Pink or Blue Balloons and seal it. When the party is nearing its end, open the box to reveal the gender of the baby.
  • Cut a cake with blue or pink cake inside. The guests will love to find out when gender the baby is and indulge in the yummy cake!
  • If the weather suits, get with blue or pink fireworks. Once it gets dark, set the fireworks off and watch everyones expression.
  • Get a pink and blue balloon. Have the father-to-be have one color and the mom-to-be take the other. Stand beside each other and have the appropriate person blow up their balloon!

  • If you want to do a really fun reveal, have a paint fight with the father-to-be with blue or pink paint. Have someone take photographs to send to all of your friends and family.
  • If you already have a child, involve them for the reveal. Have your child paint their hand with either blue or pink paint. Wear a white shirt of some kind and have the child gently press their hands against your belly. Take a picture of the hand prints and send the photo to all of your friends and family.
  • Hold blue or pink confetti in your hand. Blow the confetti towards the camera as someone takes the pictures. Send the photo out and post it on all of your social media pages.

Before you reveal the gender of your little bundle of joy, have everyone cast a vote and pick a team: Team Blue or Team Pink. We have Gender Reveal Team Stickers (pictured at top of the blog) that guest can wear around boasting about their prediction. To keep track of everyone’s guesses, hang up the Gender Reveal Team Voting Tally Board. They can vote bow or bow tie. Use our Gender Reveal Team Spirit Decals to decorate your tables and walls with the different teams colors.

Gender Reveal Tally Board

Enjoy your fellowship with friends and family and watch them suffer and wait for the big reveal. Have fun with the reveal and take lots of pictures of this very special moment in your life!