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Fiesta (Cinco De Mayo) Table Centerpiece

Additional Items:

  • Clear Shallow Bowl
  • Vase
  • Wooden Dowel Rods or Pipe Cleaners
  • Tissue Paper Flowers

How To:

Bright, colorful, fun! Ideal for a fun fiesta theme party. Fiestas are fun for any party theme like a birthday party, retirement party, Bachelorette Party or a Cinco De Mayo Celebration. When throwing a fiesta, you'll want to use a lot of bright colors. Especially like in this Fun Fiesta Table Centerpiece.

Begin with a clear shallow bowl. Set a vase in the center of the bowl. Then take the Gleam N Shreds in a variety of colors, and place them in the bottom of the bowl around your vase. You'll then take the Rainbow Feather Wreaths, and slip them down over the vase, having the wreath rest on top of the bowl. Then take the Jumbo Party Beads and wrap them in a way where they are encircling the bottom of the vase down inside your bowl. By doing this it will really add some color to your centerpiece. Take some more Gleam N Shreds and fill the vase up, along with our Fiesta Fun Party Maracas, and some Mexican Tissue Flowers. You'll want to check out our How To Make Mexican Tissue Flowers.

This article will give you a good idea on how to to make these colorful tissue flowers. Then attach the tissue flowers onto a wooden dowel rod or use a pipe cleaner to make your tissue flowers. You can place a few in the center of your centerpiece and a few on the outside of your centerpiece to add some color. Once you make your Tissue Paper Flowers you can attach them wooden dowel rods or pipe cleaners. Accent your Fun Fiesta Centerpiece with a Straw Sombrero and a Felt Spanish Hat, and a few more colorful tissue flowers.