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Fly High With Your Party Decorations

Throw a Disney Plane’s Birthday Party for your little one with the help of our party supplies. Your child will have so much fun soaring around with his friends at the party!

Dusty’s Decorations:

Soar high at your next party with our Planes decorations. Use our Planes Decorating Kit to start your decorations. Have the planes flying high above the children's heads with our hanging decorations. Then use our Paper Lanterns as the “cloud” and hang them from different heights. Then place our Planes Tablecover on all of your tables. You can also use solid color tablecovers if you don’t want as much decoration. Then place all of our Planes Tableware at every place setting. Label the food and drink table the “Fueling Station” (making lemonade blog) because every little plane needs plenty of food to play in all of the games. Use our Planes Tables Decorations as centerpieces. These decorations look like the Dusty is speeding over the food in order to try to win the race along with his competitors.

Disney Planes Table Decorations

Fueling Station

Plane Activities:

The Disney Plane’s movie has stolen the hearts of little kids everywhere and they all want to be just like Dusty! All the little planes will need a way to get all of their energy out so have a Paper Plane race. Have each guest build there own paper plane using materials you provide. Then have all of the kid stand at the starting line, start their engines, and take off! The plane that flies the farthest wins. Give the winner a Planes Guest of Honor Ribbon to wear for the rest of the day.

First Class Party Favors:

Have all of your guest get first class treatment when it comes to party favors. We have a wide variety of plane party favors. We have a Planes Party Pack that has different little trinkets for all of your guests. But the most important favor of them all if the Planes Tattoos. Every kid will want to get tatted up with our washable tattoos. They will feel big and tough with the planes flying on their arm. We also have Plane Blowouts that the kids can use to celebrate the guest of honor’s birthday. Put all of your gifts into our Planes Loot Bags. Label the bags with each guests name and place it in Baggage Claim (Project Nursery).

Baggage Claim

With the help of our inexpensive Planes party supplies we can take your party soaring without breaking your bank!