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Firefighter Birthday Party Ideas

Cool it down! This party is on fire! Does your little boy or girl have dreams of becoming a firefighter one day? Make those dreams come true for a day and throw them a firefighter party! Whether it is a special occasion or just for fun, PartyCheap has all your firefighter party supplies to make your party red hot!

It takes someone special to be a firefighter, so make sure your little chief has a smokin’ party! PartyCheap Fire Truck Invitationhas an array of firefighter themed birthday party ideas to make this birthday sizzlin’ hot! Send out Fire Truck Invitations to all your brave cadets. Tie Firefighter Mylar Balloons at the location of the party, they won't want to miss this one! When each guest arrives, let them choose a fire hat to protect their head while putting out the fire.Safety comes first and we dont want any of our cadets to get hurt. Let each guest choose from Red Junior Firefight Hats to Pink Camo Plastic Jr Firefighter Hats. PartyCheap has an assortment of fire hats that will fit your style, so hats can even be customized! Now that everyone is geared up, take pictures using the Firetruck Photo Prop.

Need more firefighter birthday party ideas? Let’s make these dreams a reality! Take everyone to the local Red Junior Firefighter Hatfire house for a tour and a ride. Let the local fire department know about your birthday party so they can help make it a success and definitely one to remember. Use this birthday party as a teaching aid for fire safety too. To give the cadets a real feel what it is like to be a fireman make the bells ring loud and get them to suit up in their turnout gear, then hop on the rig! Take these curious fellows for a ride they wont forget! Pull up to the smoke house and let each cadet go find the fire. Help them navigate thru the house in order to put out the fire! Remind everyone to stick with their buddy, because no one gets left behind!

Once the fire truck arrives back to the station, cool down with some cake and juice. It takes hard work and full tummy to keep our community safe, so eat up! Now that all the excitement is out of the way, inform each child of the things they can do at home,in order to be keep safe. Talk about fire detectors, changing the battery often and the best place to put one in your home. Give tips on what to do if your house is on fire, such as discussing a meeting place for everyone to meet and the best possible way to evacuate the house without being harmed. Lastly, explain why it is important to know your address and how to call 911 for help. Although each cadet may not remember all the information, this experience they had will last a lifetime. To inform your children and practice fire safety, check out the resources at

A firefighter is a great role model for children especially since they display the qualities of pride, commitment and service to their community. PartyCheap has more firefighter party ideas and firefighter party decorations to help you take care of business and to make your party too hot to handle!