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Fiesta Birthday Party

Why take a siesta when you can have a fiesta? Itís time to get the mariachi band playiní and the maracas shakiní! Cook up some fajitas, make some margaritas, and make sure there is plenty of salsa at this Mexican themed birthday party. The fiesta theme is a great idea for a birthday party, especially with the many interesting ideas you can use. What are we waiting for? Letís dive in and look at a few products for a fiesta birthday party.

The first Mexican fiesta party supply you will want is the Plastic Mexican Cutout Banner. The colorful banner is a whopping 100 feet long and is made of an all-weather plastic. Not only can it withstand the elements, but each individual flag is large itself. Each flag measures 13.5 inches long by 9.5 inches wide and the colors Plastic Mexican Cutout Banneralternate between red, green, blue and purple. On the flag, you will either see a pattern featuring sombreros, cacti or chili peppers. This is a great product to implement at your event and you can do it a great price!

Margaritas are a must at this event, so order a bunch of Plastic Chili Pepper Margarita Glasses. If there any children at the event, they can drink water, juice, or even virgin Margaritas out of the glass. You could also get the festive fiesta hot/cold cups for the beverages. The margarita glass is made of a molded plastic and even has a chili pepper on the stem of the glass. It measures seven inches high and holds up to 14 ounces. Each package contains one plastic margarita glass.

The Plastic Fiesta Chip and Dip Tray is another product youíre going to want at your party. The tray measures a little over 12 inches across and almost three inches deep. There is plenty of room for a ton of chips, and with the center measuring four inches wide and two inches deep, go ahead and fill that empty space with some salsa! Although you canít put it in the microwave or the dishwasher, it can still be used multiple times. It just requires some good olí fashioned hand washing after use, and then itís good to go for round two.

You still need a fiesta party game to entertain your guests, which is where the Burro PiŮata fits in perfectly. Whether itís a child or an adult, everyone is sure to have a blast with this item. Who is going to be the one that busts it? The PiŮata is made of cardstock and tissue paper and measures 14 inches by 22 inches. Just Burro Pinatafill it up with candy or small gifts and then let people, or the birthday man/woman take a whack at it! The piŮata is rainbow colored and will catch the eye of all your guests.

Whatís another product that everyone needs to be wearing for the party? Thatís right, a sombrero! PartyCheapís Large Embroidered Sombrero is a must-wear for your fiesta party! The sombrero is a one size fits most and there is a chin strap attached. It comes in a variety of trim colors (green, purple, yellow, pink) and orders are filled with assorted colors. It is a staple at a fiesta party and if you really want to embrace this festive theme, then make sure everyone is wearing one of these. Itís not a true fiesta without sombreros!

If youíre seeking even more fiesta birthday party ideas, click here. That article provide some additional games and decoration ideas, as well as various snacks and beverages. This themed party is a lot of fun to not only attend, but as well as plan! Go ahead and blast some Mexican music and have yourself a rockiní fiesta!