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Fantasy Football Draft Party Ideas

Are you ready for some football!? The football season is a great time for people to come together and root on their favorite team. It can provide healthy competition within a family or between co-workers, but it also means that fantasy football is in full swing. Itís time to prove that you are better than everyone in your league and reign supreme over your league mates. Do you know how to throw a fantasy draft party? Have you done it in the past and are looking for some new fantasy draft party ideas to take it to the next level? Do you need ideas for draft party food or football decoration ideas? The party is just as essential as the draft itself, since this is the time where the new season is launched and league activity is underway.

When it comes to setting up the draft room, itís extremely important to set the right scene for a successful blowout. This is one of the most fun and stressful times of the year, but throwing an amazing party will be a talking point throughout the league for the whole year. Our Football party supplies are exactly what you need when preparing to decorate for your draft party!

Food and Drink

During this time, everyone in the league is going to want to eat and drink, so start by covering the food table with the Game Day Football Table Roll. Most likely, you wonít have a full course meal out on the table, but you will want to have an abundance of snacks, so that everyone has plenty of options. While they are choosing players for their team, they will also be selecting their food! A popular food choice would be a sandwich tray. They can be purchased at almost any sub shop and are one of the more popular draft party food items. If you want to make something for the draft, cocktail meatballs are a great item. Click here to see a recipe for some savory meatballs!

While enjoying the assortment of food that has been provided by the commissioner or host, league members are going to need to wash it down with something. When the selection special is going on, you donít want to have to leave the room often, because nobody wants to miss anything when it comes to this Inflatable Goal Post Cooler w/Footballpivotal day. Instead of having to walk to the refrigerator every time one wants a drink, put the drinks in the Inflatable Goal Post Cooler! Whether you have Gatorade, water or another type of beverage, you will have plenty of space to fill it up and keep it in the room. Not to mention that the goal posts will add some more flare to the most important room of the house, for today at least.

The Draft Board

Food and drinks are imperative, but everyoneís main focus is going to be looking at the board and preparing their strategy. If you donít have a board yet, you can use the Football Field Backdrop to serve as your main piece of drafting equipment. You can write the name of the player you want to select on a blank address label and then stick it on the board when itís your pick. Use double sided tape or pins to hold the board up and use the lines on the field to separate each team. This is sure to be one of the most innovative boards seen at a fantasy league event. Even though you will have a killer background, you will want to jazz up the board even more with some football decorations. Lining the perimeter of the board with Football Football Whirls (5/pkg)Whirls will give the board a nice touch and will add to the aura of the bash.

Just For Fun

When the draft is going on, there are a couple fantasy draft party ideas you can implement to enhance the overall event. Fantasy football leagues are often filled with ridicule and mocking, so itís a good idea to add to this league necessity. Yes, people will vocally express their opinions on a bad choice or when someone takes the guy they desperately wanted, so why not commit to that fully? Give each owner a Penalty Flag that they can throw like a referee when they disagree with another league mateís decision. Itís a great, subtle way to add a little something extra.

If you want some extra ideas on how to throw a fantasy draft party or more fantasy draft party ideas in general, click here. For avid fantasy players, this is one of the best times of the year and itís critical to make it an event that the league can reminisce about for a long time. From the draft party food to the football decorations, give your league the celebration it deserves and do it by shopping right here at PartyCheap. Even though itís just fantasy football, itís quite real.