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Fairy Tale First Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Everyone knows how fast time flies, so when celebrating your baby’s first birthday comes around it can be a bitter-sweet moment. A first birthday party is a great way to bring together your friends and family, to show off your little one’s growth during the first year. As new parents, you can cherish this time, the memories, and the many new experiences you’ve had.

PartyCheap has all kinds of decorations, party ideas and tips to help you achieve this monumental occasion. Remember, the party does not have to be large, extravagant, or long. Remember your baby is only 12 months old, he or she, and many of your guests, have short attention spans and will not have the energy for a long and stimulating affair. Read on to learn more about PartyCheap’s tips for a fairy tale first birthday party. You can stick to one fairy tale story or mix and match, but the trick is to keep it simple.

Princess Insta-Theme
Start by setting the scene. PartyCheap has a Princess Insta-Theme that will bring your fairy tale to life. All pieces are available separately so you can set the scene with just the landscape or include the prince and princess as well. If you would like to mix and match themes, we suggest the Castle Insta-View that can be seen at the top of this post. This scene will cover a fraction of your wall space, allowing for other tales to be used without overwhelming the space. You can also make your own tower and drawbridge to mark the entrance to your venue, or perhaps just the entrance to your party room. PartyCheap has a six foot Plastic Chain, a Stone Path Runner that can be cut to size. For the tower you can use our Stone Column, Jointed Large Castle Tower, or make your own balloon arch to match the colors of your party. All you have to do is measure four feet up your tower and attach one end of the chain; extend the chain and find where it meets the floor and secure to the floor; roll out the path runner from the base of the tower to where the chain meets the floor; trim the runner and secure to the floor with tape. Presto! You have a true fairy tale castle with drawbridge.

DIY Pennant BannerTo add a little more DIY flare to your decorations, create your own pennant banner out of storybook pages, colorful ribbon, and tape. Cut the pages of your book into isosceles triangles and tape them to the ribbon, leaving a space of about one inch between each triangle. If you don’t want to cut up a book, try searching for storybook pages online. You can print these directly from your computer to cut and assemble. Other mix-and-match ideas include a wall sign that starts your story right reading “Once upon a time …”; an ornate mirror/picture frame that says “mirror, mirror on the wall”; and directional signs that point to your favorite magical places like Neverland, Narnia, and Hogwarts.

Since this is a first birthday party, you’ll want to indicate that to your guests in your decorations as well. Catch everyone’s attention as soon as they walk in the door with the 1st birthday whirls in Pink or Blue hanging from the ceiling. We also have matching cutouts that you can hang on walls and cascade centerpieces for your tables. Your guests will be so impressed by the coordination of your party supplies! Complete your Blue 1st Birthday Whirlsdecorations with the final touch. What is a birthday party without balloons? Give your balloons a fairy tale touch by covering them with tulle and securing the tulle with an elastic and a Tiger Lily Flower Hair Clip. The tulle and the flowers will give your balloons a fairy quality that will light up the room.

It’s hard to entertain babies with one activity, but get ready, because PartyCheap is about to provide you with a winner. Ask a storyteller, either yourself, your engaging neighbor, or a reader from your local library, to join your party. Baby’s love hearing stories and especially after an exciting afternoon, a dynamic storyteller will keep your babies engaged, and maybe even lull them to sleep. Also consider a sing-along with nursery rhymes.

When your guests leave, continue the fairy tale experience with your party favors. Grow your friends’ book collections by giving each guest a Little Golden Book – you remember these from your childhood, right? They are readily available at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.

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