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How To: DIY Photo Booth

Give your guests lasting memories with a DIY Photo Booth

You've spent hours planning your party, make sure you and your guests will remember it for a lifetime!

Photo booths are a great way to encourage your guests to take and share the pictures that will keep the memory of your party fresh for years to come. Setting up a photo booth is easy and affordable and by following these 5 guidelines it will be picture perfect!


  • Choose the location for your photo booth carefully:
  • It should be out of any main traffic areas, but not hidden away.
  • The space should provide enough room for four to five people to group together.
  • Provide enough room for your party models to move into the space without tripping over cords, tripods, or any other obstacles.
  • The location should allow you to hang a backdrop on a wall or from a curtain or shower rod.
  • Make sure that any tape, pins, tacks, etc. won't mar walls when removed.
  • Avoid shiny surfaces in the area to limit odd reflections.
  • Provide a table or shelf for props, photo frames and costume pieces, as well as a clear space to set down drinks or plates of food while taking the picture.


  • Will you use a dedicated camera, or set up a phone or tablet?
  • Regardless of what you use to take the pictures, make sure it's attached to a solid, stable support.
  • If using a dedicated camera, you have a few options for snapping the picture including remote shutter release cable, wireless remote, and shutter timer.
  • If using a phone or tablet, make sure it's set to use the front facing camera and that the shutter is set for a timed release.
  • Lock the focus.
  • Whichever format you decide on, hang step-by-step directions on the camera mount.


  • Lighting should be diffuse.
  • If possible, light the background separately from the area where your guests will stand or sit.
  • Provide a soft back-light that won't show in the photo, and a soft front light to avoid harsh shadows or reflections from shiny objects or eyeglass lenses.
  • If you don't have room or equipment for separate back and subject lighting, place a few standing lamps with shades behind the camera mount.
  • If you have white/light ceilings and walls, it's possible to bounce diffused light using a few up-lighting torchiere style lamps.
  • Set the camera flash to auto to fill in where needed.

Props and Accessories

  • It's the extras that make a ho-hum photo fun!
  • Provide photo props that match the theme of your party.
  • Have a large enough selection for five people to have several choices.
  • Include costume accessories and pieces to help everyone channel their inner party persona.


  • Choose a hash-tag to use for social sharing.
  • If you're posting to your own social, photo share, or blog account be sure to let everyone know the address and when the photos will be posted.
  • Include sharing info in the directions sheet on the camera support.
  • Consider adding an additional device to live-stream your photo booth. (If you do, make sure everyone knows the stream is live.)
  • Consider providing a hard copy for everyone as a take-home favor.

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