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How To: Luau Centerpiece Ideas

DIY Luau Centerpiece Ideas

The sun is out and the flowers are starting to bloom! That means summer is surely on its way! Celebrate clear blue skies, warm summer nights, and a seasons worth of memories waiting to be made by throwing a luau theme party! Luau parties are fun for everyone, and now you can throw one even on the tightest budget. Make your own decorations with these luau party decoration ideas!

Make your own fabulous luau centerpieces this year! Set your luau party apart from the rest with decorations made by you personally. Everyone can hang up streamers and banners, but can everyone make their very own centerpiece? Table centerpieces are vital to your party decorations - your guests are eating, drinking, and socializing around the table, make sure it’s decorated properly. Make this beautiful centerpiece (pictured above) with a few cheap party supplies. Start with one of these Beachcomber Straw Hats turned upside down in the center of your table. Prop a Hibiscus Paper Lantern up with wooden dowel rods, and cover them with Silk N Petals Parti-Color Leis, which can be cut up and wrapped around the rods and lantern. Fill the hat with Multicolor Floral Leis and Sea Creatures Centerpieces. Add some extra decoration to the bottom with a Luau Pig Centerpiece and Tropical Palm Leaves!

Here's another luau party craft: make a sea critter themed centerpiece in a matter of minutes. Use this 3-D Coral Reef for the base of the centerpiece, then stand a wooden dowel rod in the center and glue it into place. Prop any lantern from this Colorful Paper Lantern Assortment atop the rod, and gently drape Fish Netting around the lantern. Using hot glue, decorate the lantern with starfish from this Natural Starfish Assortment. Wrap the remaining Basket of Seashellsnet around the base of the centerpiece in a neat fashion. Then, embellish the base of the centerpiece with Coral Reef Fish Cutouts and seashells from this Basket of Seashells! Your guests will feel like they’re dining among the ocean’s most adorable inhabitants! This beach themed craft is the perfect luau party centerpiece!

For a more simple centerpiece, use a combination of balloons and photo holders! These cheap centerpieces take only a minute to assemble, but will wow your guests nonetheless! Balloons are a classic party essential, now use them in more ways than one! Lay one of these Straw Place Mats in the center of every table, then place this Seashell Photo/Balloon Holder or Tiki Photo/Balloon Holder in the middle. We offer an assortment of mylar balloons that would pair perfectly with a luau theme, like this Jumbo Lobster Mylar Balloon, Dolphin Mylar Balloon, or Flip Flop Mylar Balloons. These make great centerpieces for parties of all types and themes!

Here at PartyCheap, our luau centerpiece ideas are endless! Make your luau party just a little more special this year with centerpieces made completely by yourself. Your guests will be amazed by your craftsmanship. Little do they know, you had help from the party experts here at PartyCheap!