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How To: DIY Angry Bird Paper Lantern - King Pig

What You'll Need


  1. Assemble your paper lantern.
  2. Cut two circles and circles out of the white construction paper, these will be your eyes.
  3. Cut the yellow construction paper into a crown shape.
  4. Using the light blue construction paper, cut three small circles.
  5. Glue the blue circles to the crown.
  6. Then cut out 2 thin rectangles from the black construction paper for the eye brows.
  7. Take the green construction paper and cut out an oval for the nose and 2 soft-cornered rectangles for the ears.
  8. Use your black marker to outline the edges of both the crown and the blue circles, and draw nostrils on the green oval and the center of the ears.
  9. Glue all these pieces on the Paper Lantern to make the face.
  10. Hang the lantern from the ceiling using fishing wire for all your guests to admire.
Also look into our Angry Birds Decorations and party supplies to make your party one to remember! If you want to turn this DIY into a fun party activity, make a bunch of them (make some without the crown to make pig minions) and set up a maze of boxes - shoe boxes, packing boxes, storage boxes - anything you can find! Give your kids a red rubber playground ball and let them throw it at the maze. You've just made your live action angry birds set! Note: PartyCheap does not recommend playing this game indoors.

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