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Christmas in July

Is that Santa Claus on a surfboard and Mrs. Claus baking in the sun? Looks to me like Christmas in July. Penguin CutoutsSo What is Christmas in July? The beginnings of the Christmas in July tradition are not very clear. There are a variety of different theories as to why this tradition started. Many believe that it started in Europe during the 80ís, as a way to celebrate Christmas in summer. Some believe that the weather during the summer months in the northern hemisphere, where temperatures become increasingly warm and many people crave the coolness of winter, brought about this creative tradition. In those hot scorching summer months, people miss the gift giving and holiday spirit of Christmas time. The earliest Christmas celebrations in July consist of people throwing parties that replicate the actual Christmas festivities in December. These celebrations include Christmas traditions such as Santa Claus, cold food, and gifts. Those who honor Christmas in July believe that celebrating in the warm season would ensure a strong, jolly winter Christmas season. To learn more about the history of Christmas in July go to

Throwing a Christmas in July party is a great way to get the family together for some summer fun! This is a Jingle Elf Hatgreat idea for to get families together, especially if family members live across the states. It is easier to have a get together in July, when the weather is favorable rather than in the freezing winter months when long distance journeys are difficult. So how exactly do we celebrate Christmas in July and when is Christmas in July? Surprise your friends and family on July 25th with a one night of bonus Christmas celebration in the middle of summer! Bring out the artificial tree or if you are feeling ambitious go to a nursery and find a evergreen to light up. You canít forget the cookies! Bake a few of your favorite holiday cookies, turn the air conditioning on high and light a crackling fire in the fireplace while listening to Christmas music.

Need some more Christmas in July ideas? Since it is the hottest time of the year, take a dip in the pool and float on candy cane shaped pool noodles. Everyone get ready, itís time for a snowball fight! Decorate theSnowflake Luncheon Napkin backyard with a Snowscape Backdrop or Winter Sky Backdrop and fill up white water balloons. Now take cover! Once the water activities are over bring everyone in to enjoy some delicious food! Serve watermelon shaped Christmas trees and make kabobs out of strawberries with small marshmallows that resemble santa hats. Fire up the grill for hot dogs and hamburgers! Watch the cook flip those burgers in his or her Jingle Elf Hat. Now itís everyone's favorite part of the meal...dessert! Make peppermint ice cream sundaeís for all to enjoy, even those on the naughty list. Wipe your hands clean using Snowflake Luncheon Napkins. End the party on a high note and have a gift exchange with summer gag gifts! This will will give everyone a good laugh. Itís Christmas in July! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Jingle, jingle, jingle you can hear him splash all day! Jump into the Christmas Spirit in July and let PartyCheap assist you with all your Christmas in July decorations and party ideas! Eat, Drink and Be Merry all year long!