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Cheap Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you ready for some football?

The Super Bowl is by far the most watched sporting event in the United States, and is very popular around the world. As two of the top teams in the NFL get set to play for the championship and draw another season to a close, millions of people gather around TV’s all across the country to watch the game. What better moment than this to have some of your best friends and family gather around the TV in your home and watch the Super Bowl together. This article will walk you through some cheap Super Bowl party ideas that will let you host a Super Bowl party without getting flagged for “unnecessary spending.”


Decorating your house for a Super Bowl party can be easy, start by hanging up some NFL balloons to hang outside by your door or on your mailbox, so people know where the party is. You can use the teams that will be playing in the games balloons or just generic NFL or football balloons. The balloons will also help your guests get into the party spirit. Inside your party area, hang some Super Bowl 50 Swirl decorations around your house. These match perfectly with the Super Bowl anner, which can be hung inside the door or on a all. Everyone will know that the only Super Bowl party they should be at is at your house. The Super Bowl Decorating Kit is a great product to use too. It includes three centerpieces that can be placed in different areas, such as on food tables or just around your home. Also use the football confetti pieces that are included in the kit to lay around and add that final touch of decoration. Next up on the party necessities? The always needed food and drinks!

Food and Drink

  • Beer

  • Water

  • Soda

  • Pizza

  • Chicken Wings

  • Meat Balls

If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, you are going to want to offer your guests some food and drinks. Nothing is better than sitting down with some good food and friends and getting to watching the Super Bowl. Create a food table for your guests; use the Super Bowl Table Cover to protect your table from spills and messes and place food and drinks on the table for your guests to enjoy throughout he game. The best food to serve for a Super Bowl party is something that your guests will be able to snack on throughout the game. It’s hard to have food without something for your guests to hold it with! Use the listed plates, napkins, and cups to make your serveware fit your awesome party theme. The great thing about the plates cups and napkins is that they are all disposable which helps make for an easy clean up after the game is over. The Inflatable Goal Post Cooler is a great addition to your party, it fits the theme and also gives you a great place to store your drinks.

PartyCheap has you covered for all the
Super Bowl party supplies you need, as well as hundreds of other football party supplies as well. The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year and with the help of PartyCheap you can throw a super sized party without the super sized costs. For a more in depth look at what you can do for a Super Bowl party, check out our Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide. No matter where you decide to watch the Super Bowl or who you watch it with, decorating, having some food and snacks and inviting some of your best friends over is the perfect way to get the most out of the big game.