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Cheap Renaissance Costume Ideas

If you’re invited to a medieval party or renaissance faire, you need to make sure you have a great costume. has plenty of options for you to sport an awesome renaissance faire costume. Renaissance faires are typically a ton of fun, but you need to make sure you look the part.

Before we talk about some medieval costume ideas, you need to know the answer to an important question; What is a renaissance faire? Simply put, it’s an outdoor event where people from the local or nearby community gather, typically in costume, and enjoy historical scenery, food, music, etc. If you’ve never attended one before, locate the closest one to you, get your costume ready and go have a great time!

You’re looking for a high-quality costume without breaking the bank, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have plenty of items that will help you design the cheap medieval costume for which you’ve been searching.


If you want to be a king or queen for the evening, don our Red Adult King/Queen Robe. Plastic Jeweled Kings Crown GoldThis red royal robe is made of velvet-textured velour material with gold trim and a fur collar. It measures 52 inches and will fit most adults. This is a robe that is truly fit for the King of all Kings or the Queen of all Queens. Every King or Queen needs a crown or tiara, and without that, is the person even royalty? Top off the outfit with the Gold Plastic Jeweled King’s Crown or the Gold Plastic Jeweled Queen’s Tiara. The robe and head wear are high-quality and the combo will instantly turn you into royalty without emptying the wallet.


Adult Plastic Knight Helmet If you don’t want to be a king or queen, ride down another traditional route by going to the renaissance fair as a knight! We can’t provide your trusty steed, but we can outfit you for your seat at the Round Table. Adorn your head with the Adult Plastic Knight Helmet. It’s made of a thin, flexible plastic and fits a full head size. It looks just like the real thing, but doesn’t carry the hefty weight and price tag of a standard knight’s helmet. Now that you have the helmet, it’s time to jazz up your torso. Our Medieval Knight Vest is made of a thin-woven plastic material and is adjustable to fit most adults. Throw on the helmet and the vest and you’re instantly transformed into a knight in just seconds!

It’s time to get moving on your costume! If you want some more ideas, click here. When it comes to high-quality decorations for a cheap price, there’s no better site than The King/Queen and the knight are some classic, cheap renaissance costume ideas, but we also have other products right here that can transform you into other popular medieval characters. Click the green “Shop Now” button below to delve into all that we have to offer. Shop with us here at, because we know how to party!