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Cheap Prom Ideas & Decorations

Under the Sea Prom Theme Ideas

You've come to the right place if you’re planning a school prom on a budget. We strive to provide you with outstanding decorations at cheap prices. Planning an inexpensive prom shouldn't become a headache. We carry prom decorations for some of the top prom themes and color combinations. You've come to the right online party store for planning a Casino Prom, Broadway Prom, Hollywood Prom, or Mardi Gras Prom. We carry all the garland, confetti, balloons, columns, curtains, and backdrops you could possibly need for this special night.

How to Decorate for Prom

Prom Queen Sash

Wondering where to begin with your prom night decorations? Once you’ve decided on your theme or color combination, you can begin to make a list of supplies and decorations. Proms can be held at almost any location but typically take place in a large open area like a ballroom, gymnasium, banquet room, or banquet hall. These large spaces sometimes require lots o

f big impact decorations, but you don’t have to deplete your entire budget with big expensive decorations. Start with something simple, like a sparkling Gleam N Column of shimmering metallic fringe. It hangs down a whopping 8 feet and is so cheap you can fill up a whole room at a fraction of the cost of those big, expensive decorations. If you have a plain wall to cover and aren't sure what to do, try a metallic fringed Gleam N Curtain. These also hang down 8 feet and will cover a width of 3 feet. They are also great for sectioning off a portion of your event or creating a grand entrance.

And you can’t go wrong with balloons! They can be strung together, dropped from the ceiling as a balloon drop, inflated with helium to float against the ceiling, or just left to lie around the perimeter of the dance floor. As for the tableware, packs of solid colored tableware will save you a bundle and still work to pull your theme together. If your prom venue is not supplying table decorations, a couple rolls of cheap plastic table covering will certainly do the trick. You get 100 feet of table covering! We also have a 108 inch rectangular table covers and round table covers for circular tables. Centerpieces are also a big hit for a table decoration. We carry varying styles and colors, so there’s almost always one sure to fit in with your chosen atmosphere.

Broadway Prom

Become a shining star for the night when you choose Broadway as your prom theme. Get ready to Put on the Ritz with black and white. It’s an elegant and timeless color combination for your prom. Decorate the entrance with a shimmering black Gleam N Curtain pulled back to look like a real stage curtain on Broadway. You can place 21 inch plastic black and white Comedy and Tragedy Faces on either side of the entrance to initiate the theme.

Make centerpieces for the tables out of black glittered top hats filled with silver confetti bursts nestled in black and silver Gleam N Shreds with a few sprigs of silver confetti bursts poking out. The prom revelers will have a blast twisting the bottom of these little tubes and spraying a shower of confetti and curls of metallic ribbon everywhere. A sprinkling of black top hats and silver stars confetti all around the table will enhance your Broadway theme. This theme is especially great for a school planning a class field trip to New York City to see an actual Broadway show. For show ideas and tickets visit

Casino Prom

Dice Photo Balloon HolderHit the jackpot with a prom styled after a casino or a night in Las Vegas. Cheap casino prom decorations, like a casino door curtain with dangling card suit cutouts and dollar signs, are perfect for the grand entrance to your prom. Hang our gambling destination street signs at your prom! They’re cheap but still nice enough to greet your prom-goers and make a great impression. Once your guests enter the prom, you’ll want something to cover the walls to make the entire room blend in with your casino theme. A Casino Insta-Theme is a quick and inexpensive solution to transform a room into a gambler's paradise. Each set of insta-theme pieces will cover an 8 foot high wall and stretches a monstrous 30 feet in length. Without a lot of fuss and with just a couple people to put it up, this backdrop will help set the background for your casino prom.

If your school is not having a catered meal for everyone, you may want to consider just having a refreshment table. This could consist of card suit trays filled with chips, pretzels, popcorn, cookies, cheese cubes, or any other not-too-messy foods you might want to consider. The mini playing card picks are the perfect coordinating accessory to pick up those little cheese cubes. And, of course if you’re having refreshments, you’ll want to make sure to incorporate the tableware into your casino theme. Stacks of colorful neon casino cups, plates, and napkins will work perfectly. Add some casino cascade centerpieces with shimmering sprays of black and red foil suit cutouts. Sprinkle some big bucks confetti all over the table to bring attention to all the great munchies. Each pack of confetti contains a ½ ounce of tiny gold $ signs and mini $100 bills. You can even scatter a couple packs of gold plastic coins or silver plastic coins. Remember, it’s the little touches that really make an event like this one to remember.

Mardi Gras Prom

Mardi Gras Sign

Transform a prom venue into a rich, colorful Mardi Gras celebration without breaking the bank. We have lots of easy, inspirational ideas to help you plan your decorations. Show off the entrance to your prom by making it into an authentic outdoor street scene. A Mardi Gras Insta-Theme will instantly transform those plain walls into the rowdy look of a festive Mardi Gras parade and we’ve done all the planning for you. Simply pick and choose the items you want to keep from the scene and those you wish to leave out. To create a unique doorway entrance hang up a couple green, gold, and purple Gleam N Curtains for a sparkling, shimmering entry. Once inside the actual prom, you could make the room resemble a masquerade ball. Use the same metallic fringe from the curtains by hanging Gleam N Columns from the ceiling. They measure a foot in diameter and hang down an amazing 8 feet. With a large decoration like this you can easily begin to fill up large space with instant color.

Take rolls of green, gold, and purple crepe streamers and attach pieces to the walls. Stretch to a central area above the center of the dance floor to create a draped ceiling and section off this area. For a more lasting impact than the traditional balloons, use green, gold, and purple tissue balls to hang from the ceiling. They won’t deflate halfway through the night and can be reused again and again. Slip in cheap Mardi Gras party beads wherever you can. Hang them from the backs of chairs, slip them on guests as they enter, suspend them from chandeliers or lights hanging from the ceiling, or use them on the guest and refreshment table to decorate between plates and dishes. For inexpensive, but completely memorable party favors, buy a bunch of the Mardi Gras metallic half masks and use puffy paint to write your school name and the year along the edge. You can set these in the middle of the guest tables for everyone to take home at the end of the night.

Hollywood Prom

Lights, Camera, Action! Bring on the paparazzi! It’s time to party like a movie star, or at least pretend to, at a grand Hollywood Themed Prom. Create a red carpet entrance with an actual red carpet runner. This durable runner is created from bright red synthetic fibers and is made to withstand all kinds of foot traffic. And what Hollywood party would be complete without some awards statues to greet your guests. A five foot jointed Awards Night male statuette cutout is a great way to line the entrance to your prom. And unless you’re already holding your Hollywood prom in a ballroom, you might want to consider some inexpensive black-tie backdrops to instantly turn your plain venue into a scene straight out of a real ballroom.

For a more romantic Hollywood prom backdrop consider the Starry Night backdrop. This recreates a purple and navy hued sky with sparkling stars. Backdrops are rich, colored images of scenes printed on thin plastic sheets. They’re easy to tape to walls and work great as a background for those souvenir prom pictures. To create elegant, inexpensive guest tables for a Hollywood prom take gold or black table covers and arrange two movie reel with filmstrip centerpieces in the middle of the table.

Sprinkle a handful of black top hats and mini gold star confetti in the center of each table and feather it out to the edges. The same confetti can be used over by the refreshment table. If you’ve decided to serve snacks, use the plastic gold star picks to incorporate the food into your theme. For a little more glitz on your refreshment table, try the reusable star shower fabric table runner or a disposable paper runner like the printed stars table runner. And don’t forget to leave a favor for each prom attendee. The gold star photo/balloon holder will not only perfectly match your Hollywood prom theme but give each guest a special holder for their favorite prom picture.

Let us help you plan for all the details of your prom decorating. Whether you need a little assistance deciding on theme ideas or finding just-the-right cheap prom decorations, we can help.