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Cheap Farm Party Ideas

Are you looking to party down on the farm? Well, look no further. PartyCheap has all the farm party supplies and decorations needed to turn your house into a rockin’ barnyard! One basic farm party decorating idea is to get standard party decor. You take it a step further and add farm animals to any aspect of the party that you can!

First, you can begin by transforming your room into a barn by putting up our Red Barn Siding Backdrop! This huge backdrop measures four (4) feet tall by 30 feet long, so it’s going to cover a pretty large surface area. The standard wall stands eight feet tall, so purchasing two of these backdrops will be enough. Hanging this is easy. Since it is made of a thin printed plastic sheet, you can either pin it up or just tape it.


No farm party is going to be successful without farm party decorations involving animals! For all the children that will be there, give them a pair of our own Farm Animal Eyeglasses. Each package has 12 glasses. ItFarm Animal Eyeglasses contains three cow glasses, three pig glasses, three sheep glasses and three chicken/rooster glasses. The glasses are made from a cardstock material and fit a full-size head. Not only will these glasses be enjoyed throughout the party, they also make a great party favor that the guests can take home with them!

The Cow Head Hat is a great party favor to give to the guests as they leave. You could also make these stylish hats the grand prize of different games. One such game could be the pin the tail on the cow game! The hat is made of a plush material and will fit most sized heads. Whoever is wearing this hat is sure to Cow Head Hatstand out among the crowd. Another idea would be to combine this hat with other cow themed decorations to create a moo-velous outfit. Go ahead and purchase a few of these hats, you won’t regret it!


Another great product to entertain everyone, regardless of age, is the Barnyard Friends Photo Prop. The photo prop measures 37 inches by 25 inches and is made of a durable cardstock material. There are two different designs, one on each side, allowing the guest to pick what shot they would like. Do you want your face on a cow’s body eating some hay? Here you go, that’s the front! Do you want your face on a pig eating out of a trough? Well, here you go, that’s the design on the opposite side of the cow.

There is still one important farm birthday party idea that hasn’t been discussed yet. Fun games! What is a real farm party without a fun, barnyard themed game? PartyCheap has you covered! Purchase the Pin The Tail On The Cow Game to top this party off! This package includes the game itself, 12 cow tails and thePin The Tail On The Cow Game blindfold. This game is sure to provide some friendly competition at the event, but it will also provide a ton of laughs! After a few spins, who knows where the tail is going to end up, but that is the fun aspect of the game! It’s sure to tickle a lot of ribs and leave everyone with a smile on his/her face.

Gettin’ down on the farm is a great time and a farm themed party is sure to have everyone gettin’ wild! Play some country music and don’t be afraid to bust out some classic country dances. “Cotton-Eyed Joe" or some square dancing are sure to be a hit. Quite a few farm party ideas were shared in this piece relating to music, entertainment and decor. There are tons of different things you can do to have your party stand all above the rest. If you want to see just a few more ideas that could help your party even more, check out this link. How does one do that? Well, you be creative and get your decorations here at PartyCheap!