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Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorations and Decorating Ideas

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and vibrantly colored times of the year! Decorating with leaves and pumpkins brings cheer to any room, but it can be expensive and sometimes messy. Or maybe you live in a climate where you don’t get the fall colors, but you still want to enjoy the scenery. No matter your situation, PartyCheap can help you bring the beauty of the changing Fall Trees Backdropleaves into your home with our inexpensive fall decorating ideas! PartyCheap offers many fall flavored items to help you get started! The first step is to set the feel for the room. The Fall Trees Backdrop is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside! This backdrop is an easy and economical way to cover as much of your space as possible. This item is great for a fall festival or harvest party.Other backdrops available for your party include the Pumpkin Patch Backdrop and the Cornstalks Backdrop! If you only want a flavor of the outside, the Autumn Insta-View creates a faux window looking out on a beautiful autumn day, as can be seen in the image above. Printed Leaf Table Runner

Accent Pieces

The next step once you have your scene set is to include autumn accents. Celebrate the changing of the seasons with a few simple decorations to brighten your home, even if you’re not hosting a party. For those who want just a taste of autumn, we recommend the Printed Leaf Table Runner. This item adds a touch of fall spirit to your table without causing decoration overload. If you want to add a little of your own flare to your decorations, check out our polyester Autumn Leaves. These leaves can easily be sewn together to make an autumn wreath. Add in bits of colored ribbon, fabric, or other materials and you’ll have your very own unique decoration for your home! For those who want a little more pizazz, the Metallic Autumn Leaf Garland would look great draped over the doorway to your home or within your house leading from room to room! It’s a simple Fall Leaves Cascade Centerpieceway to add seasonal color and sparkle to your rooms. The Fall Leaves Cascade Centerpiece also can offer shimmer to a dining room or kitchen table or to a hallway table as you enter or pass through your home. PartyCheap can get your home into the spirit of autumn without exhausting your budget!

School and Classroom Decor

If you are a teacher or principal looking to decorate your school for the fall season or an upcoming fall event such as a fall dance or corn fest, PartyCheap has great products to assist you in making your fall themed event a hit. We have a large variety of hanging decorations that you can use on ceilings to decorate hallways, gyms, or cafeterias adding that fall touch. The Fall Leaf Whirls give a lovely touch of color to your space. We even have a great how-to on Thanksgiving door decorations. The design is easy to make but gives great fall flare. You can view the door decoration how-to here.Fall Leaf Whirls

A great idea for teachers is to get various cutouts (we have Thanksgiving, leaf, and fall harvest
varieties) and write each of your students name on a leaf and hang them up in the classroom or on the classroom door. You can even write a personalized note to each student that they can take home on the last day of school before fall break.


Many of PartyCheap’s products can also be used to create your own DIY fall decorating ideas! Our Fall Leaf Stickers are perfect for pumpkin decorating! When you have small children, pumpkin carving may not be the safest option. A great way to get them engaged in the creative process is to let them decorate their own pumpkins with these stickers and some finger paint or markers! Just be prepared to get a little messy! Stickers can also be incorporated into pumpkin decorating for the kids at heart! You can use the stickers as stencils on your pumpkins by spray painting around them with fun colored or metallic spray paint! Peel them off and you have a uniquely decorated pumpkin without using any sharp objects!

Jack-O-Lantern Paper LanternWhile we’re at it, why don’t we play a game? Grab six rolls of toilet paper and draw some faces on one side. Stack them in a pyramid shape and grab our Jack-O-Lantern Paper Lanterns to create a game of bowling. Feeling more ambitious? Tape the lantern to a flat surface (like an old deconstructed cardboard box). Give your kids golf balls or ping pong balls and you have an instant game of toss. When you’re done, remove the lanterns and hang them from the eves. You have a full day of games and decorations with one product!

PartyCheap has many cheap fall decoration ideas and decorations to suit your needs and your budget. Whether you are decorating for a party or festival or just bringing some seasonal spirit into your home or classroom, you can find the supplies for all your fall decorating ideas here! Be creative and celebrate the changing of the seasons with PartyCheap!

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