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Cheap Classroom Decoration Ideas

Cheap Classroom Decoration Ideas

Decorating a classroom is a great way to keep students engaged in their environment and to keep them from getting bored. Visually stimulating bulletin boards are also wonderful ways to catch the eyes of students, parents, and other staff members to make sure that they see notices and memos. While this is a great communication and education tool, it can get expensive quickly. PartyCheap can help to reduce some of the cost with cheap classroom decoration ideas. We can also offer some DIY classroom decorating ideas.

Decorate and Educate

PartyCheap offers cutouts featuring the image of some famous faces throughout history. A popular grouping of these cutouts American Presidents Cutoutswould be the American Presidents Cutouts. These cardstock pictures are a cheap and easy way to provide illustration to your lessons. Kids will be able to put faces to the names they read in their books. With a simple solid background of construction paper or using a solid color tablecover and a quick biography about each president, these cutouts would be great as a bulletin board display in hallways or classrooms for Presidents’ Day! Not only does PartyCheap feature American Presidents, but also many other influential people from the past! Our Faces in History Cutouts include a famous composer, scientist, founding father, and civil rights activists like Susan B. Anthony who fought for equality between the genders and Rosa Parks who strived for equality among the races. Show your students the faces of those who helped shape the world they live in today!

Decorating for holidays can also be educational! Use PartyCheap’s inexpensive holiday decorations for your holiday bulletin board decorations and classroom decorations! Educate your students about the origin and traditions of holidays such as Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Cinco de Mayo! Teach them about how people celebrate has changed over the years and about how celebrations in other countries differ. For cultural studies, our International Decorations can also be great visual aids to assist with education. PartyCheap has many decorations available to help you create your classroom bulletin board ideas!

For classrooms designated to a specific school subject, such as a math class or social studies class, we also have decorations to suit your classroom themes. For a math class, you could use our Multi-Color Plastic 3-D Numbers to create equations on the wall or bulletin board. For social studies, you could use the American Presidents or International Cutouts.

Show Your Spirit!

School Spirit Decorations

Classroom theme ideas don’t necessarily need to follow a school subject or be educational themselves, but may also be used to support the school and increase enthusiasm! Show your school spirit by decorating your classroom in the school colors or the colors of your group of students graduating class! Paper Lanterns are a simple way to infuse colors into your classroom without draining your budget! With many color options, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs! Also, check out all of our tissue decorations for even more color and decorating options! Check out our full School Spirit line of party supplies for even more ideas and options!

Making sure that your classroom is a fun and engaging environment for learning will help to make sure you keep your student’s attention and keep them excited about learning! PartyCheap is here to help you fulfill all of your classroom, bulletin board, and classroom door decoration ideas without breaking the bank! Browse through all of our options to find exactly what you need and have as much fun decorating as your students will learning!