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Casino Night Party

Casino Night Party

Feeling Lucky? Why not have a Casino Night Party? A Casino Night can be a great way to bring all your friends together for one fun night filled with laughs and good times while playing some of your favorite card games and having a good time. A Casino Party is a fun creative party you can have for any occasion whether for a birthday party theme, or for a work related party, casino parties can be held anytime of the year. Casino Night Party ideas are really endless, but here are a few things that we here at PartyCheap can help make a memorable Casino party that will have your friends feeling like they are returning from a night out at the casino.


The first thing you will need when hosting your casino party is to decorate the location of your party with casino themed decorations. Using some Card Suit Cutouts, or Large Playing Card Cutouts to hang up and decorate your walls will help you start to bring that casino feel to your party and help your guests feel as if they are at casino. The next thing you can do for decorating for your party is to use some hanging decorations and hang them around your party to complement your wall decorations, such as the Casino Paper Lanterns, or Playing Card Whirls. These can add a nice touch to your party and help bring the casino feel into your party.

Now that you have some wall decorations and hanging decorations, you will need to set up some tables. Using a Metallic Table Skirt around your tables adds a nice touch to your party. Also the Casino Plastic Tablecover fits the theme perfectly and is a great touch to add to any casino party.

At the Table:

For your casino party you need at least one table that people can play some games, such as some card or dice games. Ideas for Casino night games might include card games such as Texas Hold Em’, Standard 5 card poker, or Black Jack. Make sure you Card Suit Cutoutshave playing cards for your guests to use at your party and have poker chips to use. Another table you could set up for your party would be a table with food or party favors on for your guests to enjoy. Use some theme related centerpieces to set on your tables to add to the theme of the party, such as the Slot Machine Centerpiece. This adds a nice touch to the table and goes right along with the casino theme and matches your other decorations you are using at your party.

So you have the decorations for you Casino Party and have your tables decorated and have your games on them. A final touch you can add to your party and make it a little bit more fun for your guests is to supply them with some casino supplies for the night. Have a Plastic Dealer Visor for the person you will have being the dealer in your card games wear to give a more authentic feel to your party. Also use Card Night Lunch Plates and Card Night Cups for all your food and drinks at the party.

There are numerous Casino Party ideas and we have given you a few things you can do to help bring a night at the casino to your party. Whatever you need for your Casino party PartyCheap is here to help and can help you throw that party you always wanted without breaking the bank!