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Calling All Dragon Riders Party Ideas!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas:

Want to throw a fun birthday party for your son or daughter but don’t want to spend a fortune on it? Well then a How to Train Your Dragon Party Theme is perfect for you. From table decorations, games, food ideas and party favors PartyCheap’s got you covered! Start by sending out How To Train Your Dragon Party Invitations, so all of the dragon riders know when the big event will be happening!


Turn your backyard or venue into the island of Berk! The little viking will love to roam around the island to celebrate your child birthday. Turn a boring party room into a viking’s village with our medieval background and party props; cover your walls with the enormous Stone Wall Background to transform your party room to look like the Hiccup’s home sweet home, the Isle of Berk. How To Train Your Dragons Decorating Kit is an easy and affordable way to decorate the whole party area. String up the hanging decorations and have the dragons soaring above their heads - the decorating kit even has posters of Hiccup, Astrid and the other dragon-saving vikings. Make sure everyone knows who the special rider is with the Master Dragon Rider Ribbon.

High Flying Table Decorations:

Every party needs a fun table setting for the kids to sit back and enjoy delicious foods and sweet treats. Start by decorating your table setting with Solid Color Tablecovers and to go with color scheme of HTTYD 2, use blue, green, yellow or even brown, to go with a medieval viking theme. Of course, you’ll need to have How to Train Your Dragon papers plate, napkins, and paper cups with matching plastic cutlery.

Now that you have the necessary tableware and utensils down, sprinkle shimmering Medieval Confetti around your table’s dragon centerpiece. Then hang up a few soaring dragons above the table. Place a How to Train Your Dragon Party Hat at every seat so that each kid will look like a true dragon trainer. Last but not least, hang up a “Jolly Dragon Tavern sign” by the entryway of your table to lead your kids to some scrumptious food and treats.

How To Train Your Dragon Table Decorations

Fun Dragon Food:

The kids will be dying to play your fun activities but first they have to eat! Stuck on food ideas? A typical viking would scarf down homemade bread and leg of lamb - but for your kids, you’ll probably want to take it down a notch...okay...maybe like 10 notches.

Save yourself the time and money and stick with something easy like hotdogs and buns. Turn the dogs into sailboats by creating little mini sails for each bun. Grab a toothpick and colorful sheets of paper, poke the toothpick through the bottom side of the paper, then bend the paper slightly and poke the toothpick through the top part of the sheet - and there you have it! Each little kid will have their own tasty viking ship to polish off (make sure they take the sails off of the hot dog before consuming.)

As a snack, fill up loot bags with gummy fish candies and call them Dragon Food, just like in the movie! Then as a dessert, serve up sweet cupcakes and add pirate food picks to top them off.

Adventurous Activities:

Once they are done eating, have each child make their own shield with our Medieval Shield Activity Set. They will be able to fight in their own battles once they are equipped with their party hat and shield. Have the How To Train Your Dragon Stickers available so they can decorate using their favorite characters and dragons. You can also give them a How to Train Your Dragon Blowout to enjoy for the rest of the party. p>

Now that the kids are ready to release some energy have a Dragon Race. Have each child “train” (assemble) their own dragon with our Dragon Foam Flyers. Have each child label their foam dragon with their favorite dragon names from the movie. Create a starting line for the kids to stand behind and unleash the dragons one by one to see who can fly their dragon the farthest. This activity is great for the inside and out, rain or shine.

Dragon Themed Party Favors:

End your party by handing out loot bags filled with How To Train Your Dragon Party Favors. Save money with the HTTYD party pack which contains bookmarks, flying discs, yo-yos, activity sheets and jumbo stickers. Along with every child’s favorite favor, TATTOOS! Bring out the tattoos during the party so everyone look super official with their favorite dragon tatted’ on their arm. If the weather isn’t pleasing, use the activity sheets during the party to keep the little dragon trainers busy.

This How To Train Your Dragon theme party will be a hit with all of your guests. And the best part about it is it will be nice to your wallet!