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Bob the Builder Birthday

Bob the Builder party? Yes we can! When it comes to searching for birthday ideas for your child, a Bob the Builder birthday is one that typically enters the conversation. He is a beloved childhood figure that many youngins watch on a regular basis. To embrace a Bob the Builder theme, you will want the right materials, and here at PartyCheap, we have all the Bob the Builder party supplies that you need. Grab your toolbelt and put your hard hat on, because itís time to get to work!

PartyCheap has Bob the Builder Invitations available and they are a great way to let everyone know about your childís birthday party! There is plenty of space to write the important details of the party, as well as a little section where you can write any special instructions about the celebration. In this set, you will receive 20 invitations and 20 envelopes, so you can invite all of your childís friends to his/her special day. The invitations will do a great job setting the theme for the party, while conveying all the important information to the invitees. Now that the invitations are taken care of, letís get to the materials needed for the day of the actual event!

Itís always good to have a wide selection of food and drinks at a party, because you never really know who loves what and what they hate. Have a bunch of drink options and use Bob the Builder Hot/Cold Cups to continue the Bob the Builder theme. Each set contains eight cups that measure 3.75 inches tall and can Bob the Builder Hot/Cold Cups (8/pkg)hold nine ounces. The cups are good for either hot or cold drinks, giving you plenty of flexibility when working out the beverage options for the celebration. While the table will have all the food and beverages, placing Tool Cutouts all around will be a great way to embrace the theme. The different cutouts can be as small as six inches and as large as 19 inches, giving you the flexibility of having different sized cutouts to arrange. When the kids see the cutouts of wrenches, hammers, and pliers, they will want to do nothing more than start fixiní things!

Another great product to implement are the Bob the Builder Party Blowouts. Not only are these extremely popular at most birthday parties, but they also make for perfect party favors. Also, since the blowouts feature our favorite construction worker, these will add to the overall theme Each package contains eight blowouts, so when each person receives a blowout, the celebration will be as loud as an actual construction site!Plastic Construction HelmetWhen the invitees arrive, hand them the proper safety equipment before entering the work zone! Give each kid a Plastic Construction Helmet and get them excited about getting to work. Whether itís a small task or a competition they are partaking in at the party, the hat is sure to have the kids enjoying every minute of the birthday bash! A great opening activity would be to let each kid personalize his/her hard hat. This would be a great activity to kick off the party and itís an easy way to differentiate the owners of the hat, negating the chance of someone saying, ďJimmy stole my hat.Ē These hats should be worn at all times, because Bob always has his on!

If you want more Bob the Builder party ideas, click here for a helpful link to help you organize the birthday bash. It lays out an example of how to plan everything out on a weekly basis, as well as fun activities to do at this sort of event. That link is a great resource for some ideas, but it ultimately comes down to you using your craftiness to assemble a great party for your child. With building activities and wearing the hard hats, each kid will feel like they are the real life version of their favorite character!

Now that you have plenty of ideas and products to throw a Bob the Builder birthday party, itís time to get started! With the right Bob the Builder party supplies, this bash is sure to be a hit! PartyCheap has all the necessities for the celebration without breaking your wallet. PartyCheap also offers napkins, plates and loot bags encapsulating the Bob the Builder theme. If for some reason things arenít going right, remember Bobís answer.. Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!!!