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Batman Themed Birthday Party Ideas

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” Who said it? That’s right, Batman. Does your son or daughter—or you, for that matter?—want a Batman themed birthday party? Are you having trouble deciding what Batman party decor would be the best? PartyCheap is here to help you and provide ideas for a truly incredible birthday celebration. With that in mind, let us delve into what PartyCheap has to offer!

Start with PartyCheap’s Batman Hot/Cold Cups. The dark, mysterious superhero is represented fighting crime on the cup, with “Batman” in bright orange letters. The cup itself measures three and three quarter Batman Hot/Cold Cupsinches tall and is able to hold up to nine ounces of either hot or cold liquid. Each package contains eight cups and enjoying a drink with a superhero will be a blast for your son or daughter’s friends. Let each kid take their cup home with them as a memento from the most fun birthday party he/she ever attended!

Are you ready for another Batman themed birthday party idea? The Batman Dessert Plates are the second product you will want to have at the birthday bash. Each plate measures seven and a half inches and there are eight in each package. The plates feature the beloved superhero swooping down for a rope to fight crime and to put a smile on everyone’s face. These plates will be ideal for holding the Batman birthday cake at the celebration. When throwing a Batman theme party, or a theme party of any kind, it’s important to embrace the overall theme and apply it where ever you can!

Thus far, you have cups and plate, next up are Batman Lunch Napkins. Each two-ply paper napkin measures six and a half inches, unfolded that is. The napkins have the words “Dark Knight” in orange letters with Batman soaring through the air, likely going to save his beloved Gotham City. The napkins will not only embrace the theme, but also perfectly match the cups and plates. These could also be used as a BatmanBatman Lunch Napkins party decoration by unfolding the napkin and taping, pinning or tacking it up on the wall.

Last but not least, order the Blue Assorted Cutlery. It will fit right in with the cups, plates and napkins. Each package comes with eight forks, eight knives and eight spoons, each made of a heavyweight plastic. Another plus of the assorted cutlery? It makes cleanup extremely easy. When the party is over, just throw them away! Talk about easy!

When it comes to kids birthday party themes, a Batman birthday bash tops the cake. If you want more ideas for this type of party, click here. That link gives some ideas including Batman birthday cakes, cake pops, games and costumes. What are you waiting for? Gotham City needs you! Click the green “Shop Now” and start browsing through our selection!