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How To: Barnyard Farm Animal Paper Lanterns

Additional Items:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Felt
  • String
  • Eyes
  • Tissue Boxes
  • Construction Paper

How To:

Paper Lantern Pig

To make these adorable paper lantern barnyard animals, take out two White Paper Lanterns, and one Pink Paper Lantern. First, use the Pink Paper Lantern to make a pig. With matching pink construction paper, cut out a pig nose, and two triangular ears. Glue the ears to the top of the lantern, two eyes in the middle, and the nose directly in the center of the lantern. You can also include a curly pig tale made out of construction paper, too!

Paper Lantern Lamb

To make the lamb, use a White Paper Lantern and glue on an oval-shaped face made of black felt. Glue on eyes, and a mouth and nose made of pink string. Then, glue on cotton balls surrounding the felt face.

Paper Lantern Cow

For the cow, cut out a white felt face, and glue onto a White Paper Lantern. Glue on eyes, and eyelashes made of felt. Draw on a nose with black marker. Cut out black shapes from black construction paper, and glue them randomly around the paper lantern. You can even attach a pink bow to make your cow even more adorable!

Art Tissue Hay Bales

Every farm needs hay bales, and this paper lantern farm is no exception! Take a rectangular object, like a tissue box, and wrap Golden Yellow Art Tissue Festooning around the box. Make sure the tissue box doesn't peak through! Tape the festooning into place to make sure it doesn't slide off the box. Wrap the Rusty Barbed Wire Garland around the festooning. This will recreate the appearance of baler twine wrapped around a hay bale.

Barnyard Tablescape

Now that you've created these awesome barnyard animals, its time to display them for everyone to see! Start by covering your wall with a Red Barn Siding Backdrop, and cover your table with a Gold Tablecover. Then, place Green Tissue Grass Mats in the center of your table, and add your hay bales on top. Neatly fold and place a Red Bandanna and Blue Bandanna on the table to add some western appeal. Then, carefully arrange your animals on top of the hay bales, and add a Cowboy Hat for a nice centerpiece!