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Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Glitter, Pink, Barbie! Everyone knows that when celebrating a birthday with a barbie themed birthday party, it’s nothing but glamorous. Birthdays are a time for family, celebration and fun! PartyCheap is here to assist you in planning your kids birthday party themes and to make your party sparkle just like Barbie!

Need a theme or idea for your next party? PartyCheap has a plethora of girl birthday party ideas but the most

Barbie Beverage Napkin

charming are our barbie birthday party ideas. Invite your guests to bring their barbie to the party. Set up a table garnished with our Barbie Tablecover just for dressing her up then take her down the runway lined with Barbie Mylar Balloons to show off her new wardrobe! Barbie has taken on over 150 careers from registered nurse to rock star, veterinarian to aerobics instructor, pilot to police officer. She has quite the resume and much experience, never underestimate what she will do next! Use barbie party decorations to bring the party to life! Hang Barbie Value Pack Foil Swirl Decorations where the sun shines to make each guest feel radiant. Even though Barbie is already so classy,everyone knows that she doesn't go anywhere without her sunglasses. Don't forget to accessorize your party with Barbie Decorating Kit!

Lets not forget the big wish! PartyCheap will help make her wish come true with barbie birthday party supplies. As she Barbie Dessert Platestakes that deep breath to blow out her Barbie Candle Set on her cake, make lots of noise with Barbie Blowouts to celebrate another year! The wish is made, cake is cut, now lets eat! Serve each guest a piece of cake on Barbie Dessert Plates and wipe those crumbs away with Barbie Lunch Napkins, Then wash it down with dazzling pink punch, served in a Barbie Favor Cup for each guest to take home. As the party comes to a close, treat each guest with Barbie Loot Bags filled with Barbie Tattoos and Barbie Mix Value Party Favors to thank them for making your day extra fabulous! Barbie Birthday Parties are great for young girls, Barbie continues to take on aspirational and culturally relevant roles while also serving as a role model and agent of change for young girls. Celebrate with Barbie and your day won't be anything less than fantastic!

Each birthday is a cause for a celebration! Whatever birthday party themes you choose, PartyCheap is here to help you decorate to fit your great ideas! Happy Birthday!