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Baby Shower Ideas

Do you know someone with a little one on the way? Well make sure that they get the appropriate party for this special occasion. We have different baby shower party supplies to fit the theme that you are planning for. The mom-to-be is going through a lot during this pregnancy so make sure she feel special! Here are a few entertaining and party ideas for your next baby shower!

Oh Duck, We’re Having a Baby

Slpish splash Rubber Duck Dessert Plates Celebrate the arrival of the little baby at a duck themed baby shower. We have Splish Splash Rubber Duckie Tableware that will look great on top of a Blue or Pink table cover. Our most popular item from this tableware set it the Splish Splash Rubber Duckie Lunch Plates. Accent the adorable duck on the plate with our Just Duckie Garland. Drape this around the room or around the tables. Make sure you document who was at this celebration with the help of our Just Ducking Partygraph. There is plenty of room for each guests to write a special message to the mom-to-be.

Splish Splash I was taking a bath. Well hopefully these ducks aren't taking a bath in the punch bowl. But place a couple rubber duckies in to float around the bowl to add the duck theme to your food as well.
Pink Baby Safari Shower Lunch Plates

King/Queen of the Jungle

The most popular baby showe theme we have is the Safari theme. The tableware are the adorable pink or blue colors with different animals prints. This theme is perfect for a young mom. It is hip yet still fits into the baby shower theme. One of our most popular items in this theme is the Blue Baby Safari Shower Dessert Plates. To accent these plates just lay down the coordinating color Tablecover. For the rest of your decorations, check out our It's A Boy or It's A Girl decorations.

If the couple does't know the gender of the baby and wants to have a gender reveal party. Check out our Little Mister or Little Miss? Blog with great party decorations!

Activities for a Baby Shower

  • My Water Broke Game:
No matter what the theme of your baby shower, it is a must that you play some fun baby games. When guests get their drinks, have an ice cube with a little baby frozen inside. Everyone will place this ice cube in their drinks at the same time. Whoever’s ice cube melts first and the baby is free yells “My Water Broke”. Then have a little prize for the winner. This game is sure to bring some fun competition and laughter to the party!
  • Candy in Diapers:
Nobody wants to change a dirty diaper and no one ever want to sniff or taste what in the diaper!! But for this game all of the above will need to take place. Melt different types of chocolate based candy in a clean diaper. Label the diapers with different numbers and split the guests into different teams. Have the team members identify the different candy in the diapers. Have a little prize for the winning team.
  • Baby Games:
We have different games that are great for your baby shower. Like Baby Word Scramble Game, where you have to unscramble 20 baby words. We have a Who Knows Mommy Best Game. There is 20 questions that are asking about the mom-to-be. Another fun game we have is the Baby Necessities Game. The purpose of this game is to name a baby accessory or necessity starting with the letter A-Z. Check out all of our cheap entertaining Baby Shower Games!