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Award Night Viewing Party Ideas

Hollywood Viewing Party

Red Carpet Action

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” -Wizard of Oz. That's right people, the awards season of 2016 has finally arrived! Hollywood is gleaming with Academy Awards, Oscar Nominations, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys and of course the most important part of all, red carpet fashion!

Awards season is an immense affair in Hollywood, so why not celebrate it at home? Let’s face it, you never know who is going to be the next Robin WIlliams or Beyonce. Invite the whole family and remember, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” -Dirty Dancing. So kick off this 2016 awards season with a Hollywood Viewing Party!

Let’s start with the basics - red carpet action. Do you want your party to be relaxing or extravagant? For the gentlemen, feel elegant like Justin Timberlake in a suit and tie and for the ladies, show some leg like Angelina Jolie in a beautiful gown! Not interested in suiting up? Break out those onesie pajamas, you will never go wrong with these! Time to start talking, everyone knows that only the hottest designers are worn at these red carpet events. Jewel tones, sequins and cut-outs were a trending style at the Golden Globes, we will soon find out if that trend continues as the other awards ceremonies quickly approach. So who will it be, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Dior, Tom Ford, or Ralph Lauren? WIll J Lo be able to slay all the red carpets as she did at the Golden Globes? That’s up to you to decide! Make your own red carpet at home! Bring out the cameras and ropes, we don't want any of your guests getting attacked by paparazzi! Strut it, don't be scared to show em’ what you're workin with! The votes are in for the 10 best dressed at the Golden Globes! When you are done here, head over to USA Today to see if your favorite actor or actress made the cut!

If you want to have your guests arrive in style, check out some of these fun items:
Once everyone has arrived, it’s time for… interviews, interviews, interviews! “I’m ready for my close-up” -Norma Desmond. Play an interview game at your Hollywood Viewing Party! See which one of your friends can come up with the funniest announcement or remark to make during their interview! Let’s not forget to notice which stars came alone or with their new beau. These always make interesting and juicy tabloid stories. Is that a baby bump we see? What couple is getting divorced? Who is recently engaged? Is that PDA over there? What crazy statement is Jennifer Lawrence going to make next? All these little facts are found on the red carpet! Don’t blink an eye!

So where are ya going to sit?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats! After making their way through the red carpet, the stars will be heading inside the area in which the awards will be held. At the Grammy’s the stars will also be seated and begin to eat dinner before the award show begins. Tale notice to who is sitting next to who. A wise lady once said, “In Hollywood, forgive your enemies because you never know when you’ll have to work with them.” -Marilyn Monroe. Is that T-swift rollin’ squad deep? Taylor always travels with her ladies so Hollywood will be sure to group them together. At The Oscars, the A-list celebrities must wait until the after-party until they are able to eat their dinner. Either way while you're waiting for the award ceremony to kick off, be sure to get comfortable. Make sure you have your seating in good view of your TV so you can watch the events of the night unfold.

What you will use for seating will depend on a couple things. How many guests will be attending your party? Also, what seating you have available to offer for your guests. You could feel like a star and sit at a dining room table and eat and drink while talking to your friends during the show. Or have your guests kick back and put there feet up while getting comfortable on the couch. For those feeling extra classy, take a seat on the floor! No matter where you decide to sit as you watch the ceremony just remember to have a good view!

But let’s be real, the best seat in the house is belongs to the host! Since you spent most of the time preparing for the event, it’s only fair! The best seat at the 2016 Oscars is taken by Chris Rock. LL Cool J will have the best seat in the house at the 2016 Grammy Awards. He expresses his gratitude for hosting the 2016 Grammy's, “I’m honored once again to host Music’s Biggest Night as we celebrate the talented music creators of today. It’s going to be an incredible night and I’m excited to share this experience with the world.”

The Awards Ceremony & Performances

Now that you and the stars are both seated and ready for the awards to begin get ready for a night of fun. Get comfortable and get ready to watch your favorite singers and actors and actresses receive their awards. Watch closely because you never know when there will be another Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke performance! There are also always memorable sound bites that will take place during the show, you just have to be ready to catch them. Pay attention as the the celebrities accept their awards. Make sure you have a comeback ready in case Kanye West or Nicki Minaj try and steal your thunder.

Looking for some fun games or things you can play while watching the awards? Have everyone make their predictions of who they think will win each category. Create a card of all the categories and nominees for each. Then pass these out prior to the award show starting and make sure everyone selects a winner in each category. Keep track of the scores as the awards are going on. To make this more interesting you can even include a prize for the winner with the most correct picked winners, after all, isn’t this night all about finding the winners in the crowd? Creating a game out of the awards show can help make awards shows like the Grammys or Oscars more fun and entertaining to watch. It can also up the interest factor for people not as interested in the awards show as the others at the party.

So ya got the munchies ...

So at some point during the night you will get hungry, and when you do nothing is better than having warm food there waiting for you. Deciding on how fancy you choose to make your viewing party can help you determine what food you choose to serve for your party. You could serve anything from something simple like pizza and wings or you could get extravagant and cook some steak and lobster for your guests and eat like the stars.

Along with your food that you will eat during your viewing party, you will also want to offer some drinks to wash down all of that good food with. These beverages are of course up to you, but if you want to treat your guests like the A listers you know them to be (well, most of them anyway), you are going to want to provide only the best. We are thinking wine or champagne for the adults with grape juice and sparkling cider for the kiddos.

After Party Please!

An after after party, say what? End your evening in the same fashion as the stars! Shut down your viewing party by having an after party. Wooo Hooo! After a great night of food, drinks, and watching the awards handed out in style, you and your guests will sure to have a lot to talk about. Gossip, Gossip, Gossip! “May the force be with you” -Star Wars. Create an after party for you and your guests to enjoy and talk about all the news that just broke with some of your favorite stars receiving some coveted rewards. Were you right with your predictions? Did you feel someone got robbed? This would be the best place to talk about these sort of topics.

Kick off your after party by turning on some music. Turn on your favorite hits and start to get the party bumping. (What’s a party without music?) The easiest thing to do is to play some music using your favorite music streaming app, most are free and easy to use. Now that you have the music taken care of move on to setting out food for your guests to enjoy. Since it’ll be later in the night and most of your guests have already eaten set out some simple snacks or H'ordeuvres. Meat and cheese trays are big hits for something simple you can do that almost anyone will enjoy. You can make your own unique tray by purchasing and cutting your own size portions of meat and cheese. Or just simply go purchase one from your local grocery store. A big key for the food is to make sure that everything you plan on putting out for the after party is cooked and ready to go before the show begins so you don’t have to waste time preparing the food when the after party is ready to begin.

Now that you have prepared some food , it is time to complement these great H'ordeuvres with some fabulous after party style drinks. There are plenty of drink recipes out there you can make from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. Or just offer simple drinks such as soda, water or beer. Just give your guests something you quench their thirst after enjoying the great food you have prepared for the after party.

Once the party is over be sure to take notice who is leaving with who! You don't want to be the only left out about the newest hookups that are happening right before your eyes! Wonder where all the alcohol ended up? “Houston we have a problem” -Apollo 13. Jennifer Lawrence was last seen puking her guts but that okay she is still America's Sweetheart. If that's you be safe and remember “weebles wobble, but don't fall down!” (and don’t drive). What you missed at the party will sure to make headlines tomorrow! So if you decided to spend the night with St. Mattress that alright, you can catch up on the buzz in the AM!

We honor these special nights for those so talented that do what others cannot, that provide us and the rest of the world with fantastic entertainment. “Hollywood has always been a cage...a cage to catch our dreams.” -John Huston