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Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

Avengers assemble! It’s time to gather Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and the rest of the crew for a themed birthday bash. Do you need Avengers birthday party ideas or don’t know where to begin? PartyCheap is here to help, providing the necessary materials for a party your child will never forget. Along with all of the other superheroes that comprise Earth’s number one team, let PartyCheap join the crew to help you with this birthday bash.

Once the Avengers party invitations have been sent out (which you can purchase here at, it’s time to start getting Avengers party supplies. An important piece to the bash would be the Avengers Tablecover. Not only will this protect any table from an unforeseen accident, but Earth’s number one team Avengers Table Decorating Kitwill be on every table, just adding to the overall theme of your child’s celebration. The guests are sure to be star-struck by how close they are to some of the most iconic heroes that are on this plastic tablecover. The Avengers Table Decorating Kit is another great product that will add to the table and the celebration. This kit comes with one large centerpiece, two small centerpieces and twenty pieces of confetti with different characters on them. This inexpensive Avengers party decoration is a creative way to allow the guests to feel closer than ever to their favorite heroes.

A great product to spruce up any inside celebration venue would be the Avengers Scene Setter Plastic Wall Dec Kit. The set is made of plastic material and comes with five total pieces. They are great for indoor use and the vividness of the product makes the heroes seem as if they were going to jump right off the wall! While it’s going to be an unmistakable decoration, it will also be a popular photo spot for the guests. With the right angle and depth, the photos of the guests with their favorite heroes will look striking! The pictures with the wall decoration kit will be memorable for the guests, but the smiling faces and superhero poses will be just as meaningful to the planner.Avengers Scene Setter Plastic Wall Dec Kit

Even though the superheroes don’t sing “Happy Birthday” in the movies, they definitely want to be a part of the action when your child’s birthday rolls around. In the birthday cake, place the Avengers Birthday Candle Set in the delicious birthday treat. The package comes with one large candle featuring Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man, and the three superheroes will each be featured on their own smaller candle. These candles will add some action to the cake and carry out the theme that the whole bonanza has taken. PartyCheap provides an inexpensive way to primp a cake more than your traditional birthday candles.

Avengers Birthday Candle SetWhat’s the ultimate Avengers party favor? That’s right, Avengers Masks. The set of masks PartyCheap has to offer come in a set of eight, including two (2) Captain America masks, three (3) Thor masks and three (3) Hulk masks. They are made of cardstock and have an elastic strap attached, allowing them to easily stay in place. These masks are sure to be a hit among the guests, seeing as they give them their appearance of their favorite hero.

If you are still looking for a few miscellaneous Avengers party ideas, check out this link. Upon reaching the site, you will see numerous photos and some helpful hints to help your blowout stand above the other parties of this theme. From the tablecover, to the candles, to the masks, Earth’s number one team should be featured all throughout the venue. PartyCheap provides you an outlet for decorations without emptying your wallet, yet maintaining the high quality and appearance that you expect. It’s time to get to it. Avengers assemble!